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Simplify Your Design Analysis with Connectors

“We can do this the easy way, or the hard way”. This line can be found in movies like 1964 hit Goldfinger and many modern favorites from Gone in Sixty Seconds, Little Man, Night at the Museum and my personal favorite Blindside. I often mumble this to myself while I am working on a project while using the wrong tool making the job harder than it needs to be. SOLIDWORKS Simulation will allow you to do some things the hard way but often there is an easy way. Specifically SOLIDWORKS connectors are purpose built to allow you to simulate connections between components with easy to understand and use options. Of course you can do many of these without connectors but that would be choosing the “Hard way”. Let’s review these connectors and discuss their use.


How to Position Your Model for 3D Printing

Knowing how to orient your model for 3D printing correctly is one of the biggest challenges in getting effective parts. Stratasys systems use soluble support material, which means almost any orientation can work to 3d print a model. However, orienting a print to not fail is only the tip of the iceberg. Depending on the geometry of a part, you may want a certain face or feature to look perfect, the part to be strongest in one direction, or to minimize the amount of support material used to reduce print time and cost.

I have created three example models that emulate common 3D printing situations, and will walk through how I would orient these models, prioritizing surface finish, strength, and minimal support material use. These parts provide hypothetical situations where you might use the part to give insight for different applications.


Automate with DriveWorksXpress and Save $500 when you Upgrade to DriveWorks Solo

Free Design Automation Inside SOLIDWORKS

DriveWorksXpress is the free design automation tool included in every license of world-leading, 3D CAD design software, SOLIDWORKS.

DriveWorksXpress is ideal for everyday repetitive design tasks. Use it to create multiple variations of SOLIDWORKS Parts, Assemblies and Drawings quickly and accurately.

Save time, reduce repetitive tasks and minimise costly errors.

You’ll find DriveWorksXpress under the SOLIDWORKS Tools menu, all you need to do is activate it by following these simple steps.


Improve Communication Between Mechanical and Electrical Designers with SOLIDWORKS Electrical

One of the largest and most costly issues in the realm of electrical manufacturing is the lack of communication between the product design and the production phases.

According to The National Academic Press, “Design engineers concentrate on developing product functions and features with little or no consideration for how the product is to be made.”

Adam Simons, Solutions Specialist at CADimensions, draws from an automotive industry example to further illustrate this problem.

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