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SOLIDWORKS World Quick Recap and Presentation Slides

It’s hard to believe that SOLIDWORKS World 2017 is already in our rearview. What an amazing time! This year may have been my favorite trip yet. We heard from people all over who follow our content online! Thank you all for tuning in and joining us on a regular basis. Our tech team here at CADimensions enjoys nothing more than learning and sharing what we know with you all! I was able to see a ton of friends in the SOLIDWORKS community and spend some time with Rob and Andy of the Chairslayer Foundation and Runnit CNC. You devotees may remember the interview that Rachel Diane York (SOLIDWORKS Community and User Advocacy Manager) and I collaborated on highlighting Rob in the SOLIDWORKS Community blog. If you missed them, check our PART 1 HERE and PART 2 HERE.


Is Your Server a Digital Junk Drawer?

Let’s talk about junk drawers. How many of us have them? What kind of items do you store in them? Is it always junk, or does it double as the designated filing system for all things without permanent homes? Maybe you keep semi-important documents in there; things that you don’t need at the moment, but there is still a high-chance you’ll come back to them at a later time. What happens when you go back to retrieve items “stored away” in the junk drawer? If you’re anything like me, the outcome of the junk drawer retrieval process usually results in frustration, bad words, and a blizzard of 20lb. bond and cardstock from two birthdays ago.


DraftSight Critical Hotfix

Attention DraftSight users!

There is a critical hotfix released for DraftSight. The hot fix affects Windows 32-bit & 64-bit versions of DraftSight released from 2012 to 2017. A detailed list of versions and service packs can be referenced below.

The affected versions will not launch and/or will stop running as of March 1, 2017. To resolve the issue and avoid interruption, please download and install the critical hotfix by clicking here or visiting the DraftSight download webpage.


Here's what you NEED to know about the all new F Series from Stratasys

This week, Stratasys has unveiled a new line of  3D printers.

The brainchild of over 100,000 hours of machine testing, over 30,000 hours of material reliability testing per material, 43 existing patents, and 15 new patents, this new line of systems is the most researched and tested system Stratasys has ever developed in the history of the company. A series of systems that could easily be considered “younger siblings” to the Fortus 380 and 450 machines, this new creation incorporates many of the advanced technologies from these larger systems, with some newly added-on top of the line features.

We present to you, the Stratasys F123 Series of 3D Printers:


Virtual Reality and You: The New World of Design

For ages, the only way to manufacture products – with additive or subtractive methods – was to start with a CAD model that you would make using 3D design software, like SOLIDWORKS. Of course software such as SOLIDWORKS are incredible tools, allowing extreme ease-of-use and high customization possibility for designers and engineers across a multitude of industries. However, have you ever asked yourself why we create three dimensional models, on two dimensional computer screens? Well, as it turns out, this may just be a thing of the past.

Since their recent inception, the now viral technology of Virtual Reality (VR) goggles, offered by a plethora of different companies, have primarily been used for never before seen interactivity within video games, educational graphical interfaces, and more. VR goggles such as Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Microsoft HoloLens provide consumers with a whole new world of interaction and entertainment with their astounding holographic technologies.

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