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Save Time - Automate FAI Documentation

The First Article Inspection documentation process can be daunting and time-consuming. Think about all of the time that goes into measuring properties and geometries of parts. In the occasion that a part is off by half a millimeter, a hole is a hair too far to the right, the color is indigo blue 2 instead of blue 1, or the part is stiffer than specified, time has to be taken to correct these issues. Even more time is spent resubmitting the parts for First Article Inspection and documentation. Imagine how much easier the inspection process would be if this were automated. So much precious time and energy could be saved and redirected towards more productive things.

Seriously, think of everything on your to-do list. How many things could you cross off with the gift of time bequeath by automated FAI documentation? For all of those workaholics out there having trouble envisioning it, the folks at CADimensions have assembled some great examples. Here are our top ten:


Advancing Innovative Medical Devices with SOLIDWORKS Solutions

The history of AngioDynamics® is best characterized by innovation and growth. Originally founded in Queensbury, N.Y., U.S., in 1988, AngioDynamics has grown into a NASDAQ-listed public company with a global reach.

AngioDynamics’ mission is to provide benefits to patients by being the leader in design, development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative, proprietary, therapeutic devices used by interventionalists and surgeons for the minimally invasive treatment of peripheral vascular disease, tumor therapy and other, non-vascular disease.

CADimensions and AngioDynamics began their working relationship in 2001 with a couple of licenses of SOLIDWORKS, but has grown to 67 licenses from the SOLIDWORKS suite of solutions.


The Flexible Spring Animation

“That looks ok, but can we see the spring compress?” It is the dreaded question that so many SOLIDWORKS animation users find themselves on the receiving end of. Creating in-context geometry modifications is not always the easiest task in an animation. A spring compressing or decompressing is the quintessential example of this. I have seen a multitude of different ways of creating this type of animation. Some of them I have found too complicated, some of them too slow. Recently however, I tried a variation of some other techniques I have used in the past. I’ve found this technique easy to create, quite stable, quick to solve and realistic looking! It has become my preferred method for creating fast, in-context spring animations like this one I’ve saved as a .gif:


Building a Bridge over the Skilled Labor Gap

Ask a machine shop owner what they see as the biggest problem facing the industry at present: chances are high that they will say the “lack of skilled labor.” For the greater part of the 20th century, machine shops and manufacturing plants were amongst the fastest growing industries in the country; employing a large portion of the American workforce. In today’s landscape, however, a 15-year labor shortage is predicted to extend the labor deficit currently burdening this sector. Not to worry, though.  Technology is circling a shiny, silver lining around the situation to at least help ease the workload; more on that later.  It first might help to gain a firmer grasp of the factors leading to the labor shortage.

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