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My Favorite 2017 Electrical Enhancements

Last year, I wrote about all the new enhancements that came with SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2016, and with the recent release of SW2017, SOLIDWORKS delivered for Electrical again. I wanted to use this blog to bring attention to my favorite updates to Electrical for 2017, but to also note that a majority of the key enhancements and fixes that went into this new release came from CADimensions customer’s requests.  In 2017, the Electrical Ecosystem saw an addition of a new product in SW PCB, as well as a focus in improving the functionality, interface, and reporting.


One customer request that made it into Electrical 2017 is the ability to propagate data to objects.  Typically, wire styles have formulas to generate their marks, so this gives us the ability to keep generic marks, while propagating complex marks that don’t fit the formula.  This function can be found in the Process tab, and gives the user the ability copy values from Wire, Equipotential, Terminal and PLC data and paste them into object data fields. In the example below, I’m able to convert my PLC terminal names to my wire equipotential marks.


3 Ways 3D Printing Promotes Agile Manufacturing

The first definition of Agile Manufacturing that comes up when typing the term into Google is:

A term applied to an organization that has created the processes, tools, and training to enable it to respond quickly to customer needs and market changes while still controlling costs and quality.

You may already be a fairly lean, mean, manufacturing machine, with tremendous output and minimized overhead. If that is so, could there possibly be a way to become even better? I’m here to tell you that there most certainly is.

The basic principles of manufacturing require a business to produce as much product to sate market demand, no more, no less. To be successful, you of course need to be quick with your output, being able to change existing products or create new ones, and beat your competitors to market to stay ahead of the pack. What we here at CADimensions have noticed from doing business with so many manufacturers is that pretty much everyone suffers from the same basic pain points. Here are three of the bigger ones that 3D printing can make even more agile for your business.


5 Benefits for Standardizing Electrical Symbols

Picture this: It’s 3:57 PM on a Wednesday afternoon and you have just placed your final symbol on your schematic drawing, which is due today. You submit it to your project lead and pack up to leave so you can get your daughter to dance class by 5 PM. Just as you reach the exit, you are stopped by your projector leader who informs you that your drawing cannot be approved and sent to configuration management without the updated corporate title block and new component labels. Sound familiar?

Scenarios like this are perfect examples of why more companies should seriously consider standardizing their electrical libraries. While there are many sound arguments that can be made for the practicality of standardized electrical symbols and specifications, below is a list of the top five derived from the experts here at CADimensions, Inc.


CADimensions’ Award-Winning Resources Are Now At Your Fingertips!

If you attended any of our SOLIDWORKS 2017 Rollout events we hope you learned a lot, laughed a bit, and connected with other SOLIDWORKS users as excited as you. You also got a first look at our new plug-in to SOLIDWORKS that we created here at CADimensions! We call it the CADimensions Task Pane.


The Magic of Costing - Customizing Materials

I may not be a wizard, but SOLIDWORKS helps me to work engineering magic by estimating manufacturing cost quickly and easily with Costing! This functionality is available with SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium licenses and is customized through the Costing Template Editor.  Templates help control the material, operation, and tooling costs taken into account by SOLIDWORKS to generate a manufacturing cost for a part or assembly. This allows Costing to accommodate any manufacturer’s, even a wizard’s, needs.  In this blog post, we will walk through customizing Costing to support the famous wizard engineer, Mr. Ollivander, maker of fine wands since 382 B.C, and his unique manufacturing needs.

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