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Free Ribs, and Beer!

With the written word, a simple bit of punctuation can change meaning. Seemingly insignificant details can significantly alter the outcome from what a person intends. Likewise, simple SOLIDWORKS features, such as ribs, can significantly alter the stiffness or integrity of a model. Rib features, though easy to create, can add a great deal to your design. Let’s explore a few examples of what the Rib command (pictured in Image 1) can do for you.



FDM vs. PolyJet - Best Fit for Jigs & Fixtures

A previous blog post 3D Printing with Jigs and Fixtures outlined the increasing prominence of additive manufacturing for producing jigs and fixtures to ensure production efficiency and product quality. Stratasys 3D printing technology allows for the production of a wide array of jigs and fixtures that can meet needs across many industries. There are many considerations to keep in mind when choosing which Stratasys technology, FDM or PolyJet, produces the best use in a specific jig or fixture.


Remove the Toolbox Flag

Have you ever customized a Toolbox component, saved it outside of the toolbox, placed it in an assembly thinking it’s a regular part, and then saw the Toolbox icon next to it in the Design Tree unexpectedly? That is because the customized component file is still associated with the Toolbox and the part property contains an “internal flag."


Favorite 2016 Electrical Enhancements

With the release of SOLIDWORKS 2016 came many new enhancements that you may have seen at our Rollout events. It was a big update year for the mechanical design software and the Rollout team dazzled the audience with many new features and tools. Fortunately for us sparkys, SOLIDWORKS put just as much focus on the Electrical product for 2016. Here is a list of my three favorite enhancements for SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2016.


Stratasys and Adobe Team up for Game-Changing Multi-Color 3D Printing

With the release of the Connex3 last year, Stratasys broke ground in the 3D printing industry by introducing the ability to print in multiple vivid colors. Through their constant pursuit for continual advancement, a partnership with Adobe Systems Incorporated was announced, bringing color 3D printing to the next level! The two companies are joining forces to help designers easily transform their designs into tangible, vibrant, and durable multi-colored 3D models.

3D Printed Model

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