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The 3D Model View in Drawings

While brushing up on my skills in the SOLIDWORKS Drawings training course, the instructor, Dave Murray, gave me a great bit of new knowledge. He opened my eyes to the 3D Model View option when working in a drawing view. Prior to the course, I had no idea this button existed.

Have you ever tried to show a certain feature in a drawing but the standard isometric views just weren't cutting it? The 3D Drawing View command may be your answer. This tool allows you to dynamically manipulate the model drawing view in 3D. It is located in the head's up display (directly underneath the command manager) when you are in a drawing file.

3D Drawing View


Add Vault Path to Windows Explorer Favorites


As an EPDM vault grows, it can become increasingly tedious to navigate to commonly used locations. Locations that can be accessed so frequently that you want a shortcut to get there quickly.

Common methods for creating shortcuts to Windows directories and saving them to the Favorites group does not work for folders stored in SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM. In the figure below, you will see an example of adding the Favorites folder and choose "Add current location to Favorites" from the context menu. The shortcut is simply not added to the Favorites group, and there is no dialog shown to the user.



How to Keep Your Decals Attached to the Model

Picture this, you spend time getting your part to look as realistic as possible by adding some decals. When you're finished, you sit back and think, "Wow, that looks great!" Then you send the file to your co-worker to show off a little, and when they opened it on their computer, all the decals are gone! If you've ever had this happen, then you're in the right place. I'm going to show you how to make sure those decals stay with your models so you'll never have that happen again.

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