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Critical Alert - Windows update KB 3072630 leading to Installation Issues

Before installing or modifying your SOLIDWORKS installation, please take a moment to read through this blog post, or the full SOLIDWORKS document here, detailing reported issues related to Microsoft update KB3072630. This specific Microsoft update effects SOLIDWORKS 2011 through 2016 Beta. Common reported symptoms include: Missing Add-ins, GdtAnalysisSupport.dll error on startup, crashing using macros, instability using equations, and DWG document manager library is invalid or missing when launching.

You may notice the following message when installing or modifying your installation. Clicking the link for more details listed at the bottom of this error message will take you to the same document that I’ve linked above. 

SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager


Cam Design Made Easy with SOLIDWORKS Motion

If you are reading this post, then you have some sort of interest in designing cams. For the purposes of this blog post, a cam is a not-quite cylindrical part that translates circular motion into linear motion. The shape of the outside of the cam directly contacts a “cam follower,” which rides the cam in a linear fashion. Here is a simple example:



SOLIDWORKS Electrical Archive Environment

SOLIDWORKS Electrical comes with an easy to use tool which allows users to back up their entire SOLIDWORKS Electrical database known as Archive Environment. Archive Environment is most commonly used to create a complete backup of your SOLIDWORKS Electrical Data.

Throughout the user interface there are various archive functions, but Archive Environment is one of the most important features built into the software. Archive Environment can be found by going to the File Tab located in the “Archiving” group in the Command Manager. Note: All projects will need to be closed in both SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic and 3D in order for a proper archive.

Archive Environment


Learn What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2016 at a Launch Event

SOLIDWORKS 2016 Launch Rollout Events

Explore SOLIDWORKS 2016 at a Launch Event this October

SOLIDWORKS 2016 is coming soon and we're excited to present the latest 3D design software product at Launch Events across New York this October. SOLIDWORKS 2016's new enhancements include tools to help you solve complex problems faster and earlier; streamline all parallel design processes; connect electrical and mechanical design; collaborate across multiple disciplines; and fast-track designs to manufacturing. The result: you can focus on design, not your CAD.


Taking the Guesswork Out of Assembly Contacts

After meshing and constraints, the next most important parameter in your Simulation is Contact Definition. Contacts are how your components interact with one another. SOLIDWORKS Simulation has seven contact types, but three commonly used contacts are “Bonded”, “Allow Penetration” and “No Penetration.” These can be set globally, at the component-level, or at the face-level. SOLIDWORKS Simulation does a great job with a “Global” Contact of Bonded. That is, unless your assembly is not all welded or glued together.

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