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Sketch Picture Using AutoTrace

I recently had a customer ask if SOLIDWORKS had a way to generate a model based on a photograph or image. My initial response was that we can use a Sketch Picture and trace the outline of the image to generate a sketch that can create geometry. While writing up a quick "how to" reference email for the customer, I decided I should hit the Help button to make sure I wasn't missing anything.


3D Printing with Jigs and Fixtures

Manufacturing relies on tools such as jigs and fixtures to maintain product quality and production efficiency. Whether these tools are used to position parts during the assembly process, used in the quality control departments to check dimensions, or used as guides for machining; each plays an extremely important role in a company's manufacturing process.


Preparing for SOLIDWORKS Electrical Installation

So you, or your company, have decided to use SOLIDWORKS Electrical for your electrical design needs, but now that you have the software, you’re not sure what you will need to install it.

First things first – in order to install the software, you will need the installation media. Conveniently, everything you need to install SOLIDWORKS Electrical is packaged in the same installation media that you used to install SOLIDWORKS. You can easily download the install media by visiting the Customer Portal.

SolidWorks Customer Portal

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