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New PolyJet Materials: Vero Cyan and Vero Pure White

For end users of Connex 1/2/3 and J750, Stratasys has released two new material colors: Vero Cyan and Vero Pure White.

The new Vero Cyan is a major improvement. Below on the left we see the material is much brighter and bluer compared to its predecessor on the right. This change will impact other colors too, such as purple, making them more vibrant.

Vero Cyan


Hidden Productivity tools you should know

A few weeks ago, I was teaching an advanced class with some skilled users. There were new features they learned about, but most items we covered were refresher for them. As we continued through the class, I wanted to make sure there was value added to the course, so I have them some productivity tool tips that they might not have seen before. As I caught them writing every single tip down, it was clear I had just blown their minds. Digging into SOLIDWORKS, there are features that everyone knows because it’s visually on the interface, but certain tools are hidden and underutilized. The users had never seen these before (for the most part) and instantly knew it was going to help them out. Here are some of the cool and useful tools I shared with my class, and will hopefully make your modeling life much easier.


5 Things to Know About SOLIDWORKS Education

SOLIDWORKS Education Edition (EDU) 2016-2017 was just released and for those of you on Active Subscription, upgrade kits are on the way to your school. I have been working on the Education team at CADimensions for over 10 years now. Even though the new version is released around this time each year, our phones don’t start ringing until the fall when teachers are getting rooms set up for the new school year. I wanted to share some common questions that we hear from our EDU customers.


What’s New with CatalystEX

CatalystEX 4.5

Stratasys has recently released CatalystEX 4.5 workstation software for the uPrint and Dimension printer lines. On the surface, it may not appear all that different. However, the upgrades Stratasys has put in make it a lot easier to keep your system up-to-date and improve print quality.

The following is a summary of the key features and enhancements since the release of Catalyst 4.4.            


3D Printing in our Daily Lives

Some of the perks of working at CADimensions include access to the CADFABLAB and a brother who knows SOLIDWORKS in the next office over. I recently purchased a magnetic car vent clip for my phone, so I can easily view my GPS directions during my trips to customers. The idea was great, until I realized the vents on my car didn’t firmly hold the clip, which in turn meant my phone ended up falling underneath my seat. By the third time this happened, I was ready to give up on my new purchase. Instead of finding a garbage can, I found an engineer.

Car Clip

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