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New Stratasys Creative Color Software expands the world of multi-color 3D Printing

A few months ago we talked about the partnership between Stratasys and Adobe to help create the next generation of multi-color 3D Printing.

Stratasys and Adobe Team up for Game-Changing Multi-Color 3D Printing

We are now able to see the fruits of this new partnership with the recent announcement of Stratasys Creative Color Software, powered by Adobe. This latest release allows customers with Connex3 systems to be able to print in hundreds of more colors within each color pallet and enables gradient color printing like the images shown below.

Creative Color Software


Sweep Like a Boss

The sweep tool has been changed over the years to contain many different options. Let’s take this time to go over all the features of the sweep, new and old. We will talk about the minor details that every sweep should contain and how powerful the tool actually is.

A sweep is essentially just a profile and a path, where the profile is “extruded” along the path. Most users believe that the profile and path must be touching but it does not necessarily have to. See the screenshot below.

Sweep Profile and Path


SOLIDWORKS World 2016 has nearly arrived

SOLIDWORKS World 2016 has nearly arrived! 

Soon, SOLIDWORKS users from all over the globe will be descending to Dallas, TX to enjoy a few days devoted to our beloved modeling software! 


If you’ve never been to SOLIDWORKS World, I HIGHLY recommend it. It is well worth the voyage. You’ll get a chance to meet with thousands of people in the SOLIDWORKS community and hear about the mission you are a part of as a SOLIDWORKS user.


CADimensions is hosting a "Design Validation" Event

Design Validation Event

Design Validation is a crucial part of the product design cycle. SOLIDWORKS Simulation (FEA), Flow Simulation (CFD) and Plastics (injection molding) is a cost effective way to ramp up your design validation process. SOLIDWORKS strives to provide industry proven software that would allow you to take advantage of emerging opportunities for business and revenue growth by implementing integrated simulation technologies.


SOLIDWORKS shows you the reason for the seasons

Trying to explain to a four and six year old why it’s cold in winter can be a challenge. I was getting into a long-winded dissertation about the northern hemisphere being tilted away from the sun in winter... and losing them fast. SOLIDWORKS to the rescue! Yes, I know there are hundreds of videos on YouTube explaining this, and Bill Nye even did a pretty cool episode on it, but what fun is that? My kids love when I break out SOLIDWORKS at home and we make “cool 3D stuff” on the computer.

So we started making a scale model of the solar system. Seeing as SOLIDWORKS has a physical limit of 1000m^3, the scale of the sun and earth would have to be roughly 1:149M. At this scale, navigating the “solar system” and even finding the earth became exceedingly time consuming (though pretty neat to see how small the earth is compared to the sun). So I just made the earth a 1m sphere and used a point light as the sun. It gets roughly the same effect without all the big numbers!

By finding an image of the earth (thanks again Google) I created a decal and wrapped it onto my sphere. Of course, it was critical that I tilted the decal 22.5deg, to actually show the seasons. Next, I created an assembly with the point light at the origin and a circle describing earth’s orbit. Again, very not-to-scale, but it’s OK.

Point Light at Origin

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