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3D Printing and The Open-Sourced Revolution

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Open-Source (adj.) – denoting software for which the original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified.

How annoying was it back in school when you were working on a problem or studying for a big test, and no matter how hard you tried you could just not understand the material? Now imagine if when you went to another student that was doing well in that class, or the professor, or even a website for help, and they completely refused, not showing you a scrap of their work or insight. Pretty frustrating, right? Well, this is a situation we see throughout industries and educational platforms, but don’t you worry, there’s an answer for it.


The Process

At some point in your life you’ve inevitably heard the phrase “art to part.” It’s a succinct, and borderline trite, way to describe the struggle of turning a creative spark into a physical product. It’s a multi-faceted process and rarely is it linear. You’ve probably seen the illustration that shows the path to success. The expectation being linear where the reality is a mess of squiggled lines before finally arriving at the solution. The expectation in product design is often similar. However, very rarely is an idea formed where it goes right to production and on to success. The path to product success looks more like this:


Nothing shocking about ABS-ESD7

I’m a daily Weather Channel watcher. Mostly because I’m a geek, but I can tell you this: lightning simply fascinates me. Lightning is one of the most dangerously beautiful phenomena in nature. It also happens to be a form of sudden ESD, or electrostatic discharge, which is what we’re going to discuss today, only on a much smaller scale.


Camera Techniques in SOLIDWORKS Visualize – 5 Easy Shots to Recreate

Minimize effort and maximize impact. It’s what we’re all aiming for isn’t it? We all want to expend as little effort as we can and get as much for it as possible. There is something satisfying about optimizing your time. As the old saying goes, time is money.

Rendering is a great way to get more from your models. With PhotoView 360, I always pushed for people to just create static images. With Visualize becoming available, I’ve changed my tune. With the speed and consistency that Visualize provides, I think a rendered video with simple camera motion has the most “bang for your buck.” It has all the signs of making you an all-star when it comes to minimizing effort and maximizing impact.

To me, it’s a no-brainer. That being said, not everyone thinks like a videographer. So to that end, I’ve created these resources for you. In our last session, we talked about how a camera works and in this session we’ll cover some common video moves that you can re-create in your digital world. In this article I hope to give you some concepts you can use to simply add life to your renderings using Visualize Professional.

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