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Knurled Surfaces

Knurling is a manufacturing process of cutting or rolling lines into a material to allow for better gripping. This texture can be modeled in SOLIDWORKS by using cuts and patterns. Adding this detail to your model will make your part more accurate and may be necessary if you are using Model Based Definition. However, it will cost you performance and file size. In this blog, I will be discussing alternatives to modeling knurled surfaces to increase performance, while still visually presenting the textured material. 


Customer Spotlight - Paley Studios Ltd.

Paley Studios

I have seen many customers adopt SOLIDWORKS as their 3D modeling tool of choice, but few stir up such emotions of admiration and inspiration as Paley Studios Ltd. At the creative center of Paley Studios Ltd. is artist Albert Paley.

Albert was born in Philadelphia and graduated from the Tyler School of Art with a degree in Fine Arts. Working at his studio in Rochester, New York, he has created more than 50 large-scale sculptures over the last 40 years.  These public art works are located around the world with one of the most recognizable works being a 130’ archway named “Animals Always” for the St Louis Zoo.


What's Up With These Colors?

Have you opened up a component/assembly and could not figure out how to change the colors of certain faces, parts or bodies? Well, the reason for this is because SOLIDWORKS has a set hierarchy when it comes to appearances.

When you drag and drop an appearance on a component, the appearance target will appear. The final resultant color that is created depends on the location the appearance was placed. This could be a feature, face or body of a part, a component or the entire assembly itself.



Stop Being Scared of SOLIDWORKS Simulation

When I mention that I am part of the Simulation Team to my Essentials students or new customers, I inevitably get the same glazed-over look. “Simulation? Like, FEA? Yeah, I’m just a designer.” Or, “We send that sort of thing out.” The purpose of this post is to get you to stop saying things like that!

SOLIDWORKS has been a huge advocate for getting Simulation in the hands of every designer. That’s why it has been easier and more user-friendly with every release. A few years back, they introduced the "Simulation Advisor." Also known as the "Study Advisor," this tool is essentially a step-by-step wizard that sets up your simulation.

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