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SOLIDWORKS Premium with Simulation Professional at Priority Design

Tom Foster has nearly 40 years of drafting experience across various 3D/2D CAD platforms and traditional mechanical engineering methods. A majority of his experience was in pencil and table drafting, spending a good portion of his career working as an engineer for Universal Instruments Corp. (“Universal”) in the Binghamton area. While at Universal, he served in various engineering and management capacities.


As this case study is about the benefits of using SOLIDWORKS, it’s ironic that a good majority of Tom’s 3D modeling experience was in PTC’s Creo platform, prior to his first exposure to SOLIDWORKS.


Taking Baby Steps into FEA Simulation using SimXpress

Finite Element Analysis or FEA as most people call it is a great way to determine if your designed model will hold up to forces it might be subjected to in the real world.  Validating your design before real world testing is crucial in today’s society to save time and money.  FEA Simulation is a great tool but not everyone has access to Simulation.  What if I told you that if you have SOLIDWORKS, then you already have access to Simulation?  Included in every seat of SOLIDWORKS is a product called SimulationXpress. 

SimXpress is considered a “lite” version of Simulation, meaning it has some of the basic capabilities of the powerful Simulation software.  SimXpress can run static studies on parts only, but static studies are the most common study type so it is not much of a drawback.  Trust me, this is enough to get your feet wet in FEA Simulation.  I was always afraid of FEA Simulation like most people but hopefully after seeing how easy SimXpress is to get results you might actually want to use it and not be scared.  

The SimXpress tool can be found under Tools>Xpress Products or on the Evaluate Tab within the Command Manager.  If it is your first time using the SimXpress tool you will be prompted to enter a product code which can be found in one of my earlier blogs.  Check it out here.


Update to Create Better Looking Simulation Plots

Back in April of 2015, I wrote a blog on how to overlay your SOLIDWORKS Simulation Plots onto a rendered image of your assembly. If you haven’t read that article, check it out here.

Now that you read it, forget it, and upgrade to SOLIDWORKS 2017. There is a new feature in 2017 named “Simulation Display”. This allows you to view your simulation results in the context of the overall assembly.


Cooling your room without Air Conditioning - Simulation

When Derek came up to me with the question “What will cool a hot room down faster, window fans that point in or out?” I had to think for a minute. It’s been a while since I lived without A/C, but I remember always pointing the fans OUT, to “push” out the warm air. But does this make sense? I know they sell window fans that spin in opposite directions, could this be the answer?

So I told Derek to model up his room and we could use Flow Simulation to run some scenarios and monitor the room temperature. We would have an answer once and for all!

See Derek’s Blog here on how he used SOLIDWORKS tools and other online resources to create a mockup of his room quickly and easily.

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