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Hobby vs. Commercial: Seeing 3D Printing Grow Up

I believe that anyone who has worked with a consumer-level 3D printer would tell you that 3D printing is not easy. Having worked with a variety of desktop 3D printers ranging in price and quality, including building a couple of my own kits, I would definitely agree. 3D printing as it currently exists for at-home users and hobbyists has a learning curve, and despite many companies claiming to offer plug-and-play solutions, can be very challenging if not frustrating at times.


GrabCAD Introduces a Brand New SOLIDWORKS Add-in

Just three days after the release of Stratasys’ F123 series 3D printers, GrabCAD introduced a brand new SolidWorks Add-in. This add-in supplements the digital manufacturing ecosystem ideology that Stratasys has shaped over the last few years. For CAD users, this integrated feature will accelerate your additive manufacturing process.


3D Printing Debunked: 3 Misconceptions of 3D Printing

With the influx of 3D printing into mainstream culture and media, there has been a clear progression of science and technology fueled projects and endeavors both in and out of the professional world, which has been documented by the Wohler 2016 report showing tremendous growth in the 3D printing market in the past couple of years.


Now, while this is fantastic news for the future of the 3D printing industry as a whole, there have been some drawbacks with our work being pushed into the scientific limelight.

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