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5 Reasons to Partner with Us [Infographic]

In the 8 months I’ve been at CADimensions, I'm really amazed by the dedication and culture of the company, management, and my coworkers. However despite my time here, I have still not figured out how to conduct an accurate thermal fluid analysis to save my life! I suppose this is because I’m not an engineer, and most of my time is spent on marketing and communications.

So in true marketer fashion, when asked what my five favorite things were about CADimensions, I couldn’t think of a better way to convey my list than as an infographic.


CADimensions President Named Entrepreneur of the Month

Pete DiLaura

Growing up, my dad was usually "at work." I had some vague concept of what this meant, but really struggled to understand what exactly my dad was doing all those hours during the day. In kindergarten, I told my teacher that my dad was a "sailor" since he worked in sales. By 4th grade, my rudimentary understanding had expanded to "my dad works with computers." I knew this because when we visited him at his office, he had lots of computers (and more importantly, would let me play DOOM off a floppy disk so that he could keep working) and because he always seemed to know how to fix our computer at home.


CADimensions Food Drive

In the spirit of giving, CADimensions held a food drive this month to benefit food pantries across the state. The CADLIFE committee set a goal of 550 items thinking that ten items per person would be a reasonable goal. Our team stepped up to the challenge by bringing in 651 cans and boxes of food.

Food Drive

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