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Zehnder-Rittling is a combination of two family owned business, both with a very interesting history.

Jakob Zehnder first went into business in 1895 as a mechanic and bicycle dealer.  The business evolved in the 1920’s, the Zehnder family began to successfully manufacture the Zehnder light motorcycle. It wasn’t until 1930 that they invented the product that would lay the foundation for the company’s future success: Europe’s first steel tube radiator.

The Rittling Corporation was founded by Charles Rittling in 1946.  Their initial business was started by producing hydronic unit heaters in Buffalo, NY.  As market demand in the U.S. changed, the company shifted its focus to commercial and residential heating needs that could be utilized with the new energy infrastructure developed in the 1940’s – 1950’s.  Rittling was awarded its first US patent for twin tube residential baseboard elements in 1953.  Hydro-Air Components acquired the Rittling Corporation and added Rittling Finned Tube to the product offering in 1979.


DriveWorks - Online Product Configurator for Mobile, Desktop and Tablet

Use DriveWorks on the go with an Online Product Configurator for mobile and tablet.

Imagine you are a sales rep or distributor visiting a customer. They’re telling you all of their product requirements and you’re hurriedly scribbling down their specifications on a piece of paper. You have no idea if some of these complex design changes are possible but you’ll check with the engineers when you’re back in the office.


Configuring Models at Riverhawk Company


One of my favorite parts of this job is hearing a success story from our customers. A couple weeks ago I heard from Josh Suppa, a draftsman at Riverhawk Company. He explained how their engineers have successfully implemented and have been working with DriveWorksXpress (free with SOLIDWORKS) for the past three years. Being part of the DriveWorks team, this clearly piqued my interest so I set up a quick interview with Josh to learn more.


DriveWorks 12 Just Released

Last month I spent two days at DriveWorks World in Chicago. It was an opportunity to learn more about DriveWorks, as well as hear how DriveWorks customers and employees are using the product to make their lives easier. Hearing from users that have taken advantage of the product well past the basic functionality of driving dimensions inside of models, was inspiring.


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