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Using PDM to Maintain PDF Revisions of Drawings

When you look at most organizations who design using CAD tools, almost all use the .PDF format to share files with others. The .PDF file format is easy to share, works consistently and most everyone has access to software to open them.

The problem that most companies face with this process is that someone has to manage these files. Doing this requires someone to know where it needs to be placed, whether to overwrite and old version of the .PDF or, move it. Don’t forget, they must remember the naming scheme so it can easily be identified as the latest and all while timing this with a change. It is a very resource intensive function and requires precision. If done incorrectly, there is a potential for the wrong data to go to the wrong person. An example would be if someone from the purchasing department was looking for the latest version to send to a vendor for manufacturing and they grab an old revision because someone forgot to generate the .PDF or made a mistake.


Safeguard your data from cyber attacks with SOLIDWORKS PDM

Cyber criminals no longer come in the form of Nigerian princes. The evolution of cyberattacks can be seen in news headlines across the world, such as “WannaCry”; the ransomware that locked up computers in an estimated 150 countries.

In 2016 alone, 1,209 data breaches occurred and resulted in 1.1 billion identities being exposed, according to the  Symantec’s 2016 Internet Security Threat Report. With worldwide cyber security threats increasing in number and strength, businesses are being advised to take action and increase company data security.


Is Your Server a Digital Junk Drawer?

Let’s talk about junk drawers. How many of us have them? What kind of items do you store in them? Is it always junk, or does it double as the designated filing system for all things without permanent homes? Maybe you keep semi-important documents in there; things that you don’t need at the moment, but there is still a high-chance you’ll come back to them at a later time. What happens when you go back to retrieve items “stored away” in the junk drawer? If you’re anything like me, the outcome of the junk drawer retrieval process usually results in frustration, bad words, and a blizzard of 20lb. bond and cardstock from two birthdays ago.


5 Problems That Can Arise from an Inaccurate BoM

How important is the Bill of Materials (BoM) in achieving the desired end result of a final product for a commercial design? Is it an afterthought? A document that is nice to have on file, but not really necessary? Or, is the bill of materials an integral and necessary portion of any commercial design and manufacturing project – one that follows the process from conception to production? I’m willing to bet many, if not most, would concede the latter.

Levying the significance of the BoM, it should be no great surprise that errors in this document can spell out big problems in the grand scheme of things. If not caught in time, some problems can be felt not only interdepartmentally, but also by the end-user. Here are just some of the dilemmas inaccurate BoMs can cause:

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