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Improve Communication Between Mechanical and Electrical Designers with SOLIDWORKS Electrical

One of the largest and most costly issues in the realm of electrical manufacturing is the lack of communication between the product design and the production phases.

According to The National Academic Press, “Design engineers concentrate on developing product functions and features with little or no consideration for how the product is to be made.”

Adam Simons, Solutions Specialist at CADimensions, draws from an automotive industry example to further illustrate this problem.


3D Printing on 2 Wheels

Motorcycles are a symbol of freedom and passion. They are a way of life and an extension of each individual rider. Millions of people own motorcycles around the world, which generates a massive industry for those who want a unique ride that speaks for their personality. The scene is hotter than ever and now you can watch a smorgasbord of shows on TV, including Café Racer, OCC, and Biker Build-Off, that cater to motorcycle enthusiasts of all kinds. So, it’s no surprise that custom bike builders are looking to Additive Manufacturing (AM) to help them build these one-of-a-kind machines. This industry requires one-off parts on just about every build you see on the road. AM is now actively helping builders save time and money, while giving them freedom and flexibility of design.

Brian Klock, owner of Klock Werks Kustom Cycles, is no stranger to AM. Stratasys and Brian have collaborated on several of his motorcycle projects; everything from show competition baggers to record breaking trikes. Custom parts have become an essential part of creating his unique machines. Nearly 10 years ago now, Klock Werks saved thousands of dollars on a 10-day, custom build competition at Sturgis, utilizing SolidWorks and FDM technology. They claimed it gave them “a major edge in the competition”. With a little post processing, their 3D Printed parts looked like they were plucked right from the OEM assembly line. Klock Werks also used over a dozen 3D Printed parts on one of their land speed record breaking Harley Davidson motorcycles. 

Klock Werks

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