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SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation at Chapin

Chapin is a designer and manufacturer of lawn and garden products based in Batavia, NY.  Since the company’s birth over 100 year ago, Chapin takes pride in the high quality, versatility, and innovation of their products. Products range from a variety of uses such as lawn and garden sprayers, pest control sprayers, hose-end sprayers, as well as devices for deck maintenance. Additionally, Chapin is the only manufacturer of metal compressed air sprayers that inhibit the possibility of corrosion and rust on the objects such as walls and crevices.


Cooling your room without Air Conditioning - Simulation

When Derek came up to me with the question “What will cool a hot room down faster, window fans that point in or out?” I had to think for a minute. It’s been a while since I lived without A/C, but I remember always pointing the fans OUT, to “push” out the warm air. But does this make sense? I know they sell window fans that spin in opposite directions, could this be the answer?

So I told Derek to model up his room and we could use Flow Simulation to run some scenarios and monitor the room temperature. We would have an answer once and for all!

See Derek’s Blog here on how he used SOLIDWORKS tools and other online resources to create a mockup of his room quickly and easily.


Keeping my electronics safe with Flow Simulation

When most people think of SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, they think of studying flow though pipes, heat exchangers, or flow over airfoils and around assemblies. When I think of Flow Simulation, I think of this:

Flow Simulation

Flow Simulation is a multi-purpose tool that has much more to offer than just fluid flow. Today, I am going to explore a feature of Flow Simulation that comes with the HVAC module: Joule Heating. As the title of this blog suggested, we are going to design a fuse to blow as close to 5 Amps as possible. We will set up a study, have Flow change the thickness of the fuse filament, and watch the melt temperature.  


Birefringence: The hidden truth behind the downfall of DVDs and the up-rise of Blu-Rays

As a kid that grew up in the 90’s, I saw the phasing out of video tapes and the introduction to the magical, shiny, thin, round shape plate that would change the world: the Digital Video Disc, most commonly known as DVD. (Note: the original full form of DVD is Digital Versatile Disc, who knew?)

The invention of the DVD served a great purpose in everyone’s life. Great picture and sound quality, no more bulky tapes clogging up space and best of all, no more paying those penalty fees if you forgot to rewind your video rentals. DVDs were cool, period. One of my earliest memories of a DVD is my parents showing me how to properly hold it and to NEVER touch the bottom shiny side (see image).

Proper way to hold a CD

Ah yes, the shiny side…..Back then, it looked like something out of NASA and the future engineer in me would play with it, pretending I was a Jedi of some sort, able to control the shine as I changed the angle of the DVD. Who knew, the “shine” in this magical new shiny disc is what will eventually cause its demise, paving the way for Blu-Ray Disc. 


Studying the Next Generation of LED Light Bulbs

One of my “geekier” passions (and I have quite a few) is home technology. From home automation to green energy, I enjoy it all. I've been looking at home LED light bulbs for some time now but the one thing that has kept me away from them has been the cost... until now.



The New Rotating Mesh Feature in Flow Simulation

Designing and developing systems with rotating components often requires analysis and understanding the behavior of those components to improve performance. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software, such as SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, is a perfect tool for studying rotating components. It helps eliminate expensive physical prototypes, as well as finding improvements much earlier in the design process.

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