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3 Reasons Businesses Choose FDM Over SLS

3D printing technology is constantly evolving. New techniques for creating 3D objects are being developed every day, and old yet powerful methods whose patents have expired are seeing new life as businesses jump at the opportunity to bring the technology to a wider audience. A prime example of this is the Selective Laser Sintering or “SLS” technique of 3D printing. Since the patent expired in 2014, a handful of companies have adopted SLS – Sintratec, Sinterit, and Formlabs to name a few.


Usage of Mixed Materials for Form/Feel Testing

Ever since I first used a Polyjet 3D printer, I’ve loved its multi-material capabilities. Flexible materials can be difficult to work with in 3D printing, but Polyjet technology not only handles it reliably, but allows the user to designate which parts of a model need to be flexible or rigid. By blending flexible and rigid resins together, a spectrum of Digital Materials can be created ranging from super soft, semi-flexible and rigid yet non-brittle.

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