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Creating a Fidget Spinner in SOLIDWORKS

Getting our kids into STEM has always been a priority for our family. What better tool to jumpstart their love for engineering than SOLIDWORKS? When our trip to several stores to buy the latest toy craze left us empty-handed, I was able to turn it into a “teachable moment.” I was able to teach them about patience and more importantly, if you can’t buy something… design and build it!

How your competition is beating you using SOLIDWORKS Smart Components

For those of you who haven’t noticed, SOLIDWORKS is really big on “data reuse.” That’s because recreating information is likely one of the largest contributors to lost time and designer frustration.

I was recently on a call with a customer who was using the “Smart Components” feature in SOLIDWORKS in a really cool way. It is a neat example of file reuse.  Here’s how it works:

Kevin Wilson at MAXPRO Technologies designs high pressure gas booster, liquid pump, and air amplifier systems, among other high pressure systems and components. Like any system, they use standard hardware and fittings to connect all their components.

Take this pressure regulator, downloaded from the manufacturer, for example.

CADimensions’ Award-Winning Resources Are Now At Your Fingertips!

If you attended any of our SOLIDWORKS 2017 Rollout events we hope you learned a lot, laughed a bit, and connected with other SOLIDWORKS users as excited as you. You also got a first look at our new plug-in to SOLIDWORKS that we created here at CADimensions! We call it the CADimensions Task Pane.

Update to Create Better Looking Simulation Plots

Back in April of 2015, I wrote a blog on how to overlay your SOLIDWORKS Simulation Plots onto a rendered image of your assembly. If you haven’t read that article, check it out here.

Now that you read it, forget it, and upgrade to SOLIDWORKS 2017. There is a new feature in 2017 named “Simulation Display”. This allows you to view your simulation results in the context of the overall assembly.

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