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3D Modeling Bites!

What is this?! Jesse Sprague badmouthing 3D Modeling? What has this world come to? 

Oh contraire, my fair readers. Read On. On this day I am more impressed with 3D Modeling than ever. It is the way of the present but it is also the way of the future. While the SOLIDWORKS system of tools is not the hero of this particular story, its brothers and sisters in the CAD/CAM family certainly are.

The story begins on a cold winter night with some friends back in town from afar. It is a disturbing tale and not one for the squeamish or faint of heart.

The Flexible Spring Animation

“That looks ok, but can we see the spring compress?” It is the dreaded question that so many SOLIDWORKS animation users find themselves on the receiving end of. Creating in-context geometry modifications is not always the easiest task in an animation. A spring compressing or decompressing is the quintessential example of this. I have seen a multitude of different ways of creating this type of animation. Some of them I have found too complicated, some of them too slow. Recently however, I tried a variation of some other techniques I have used in the past. I’ve found this technique easy to create, quite stable, quick to solve and realistic looking! It has become my preferred method for creating fast, in-context spring animations like this one I’ve saved as a .gif:

SOLIDWORKS World Quick Recap and Presentation Slides

It’s hard to believe that SOLIDWORKS World 2017 is already in our rearview. What an amazing time! This year may have been my favorite trip yet. We heard from people all over who follow our content online! Thank you all for tuning in and joining us on a regular basis. Our tech team here at CADimensions enjoys nothing more than learning and sharing what we know with you all! I was able to see a ton of friends in the SOLIDWORKS community and spend some time with Rob and Andy of the Chairslayer Foundation and Runnit CNC. You devotees may remember the interview that Rachel Diane York (SOLIDWORKS Community and User Advocacy Manager) and I collaborated on highlighting Rob in the SOLIDWORKS Community blog. If you missed them, check our PART 1 HERE and PART 2 HERE.

The Process

At some point in your life you’ve inevitably heard the phrase “art to part.” It’s a succinct, and borderline trite, way to describe the struggle of turning a creative spark into a physical product. It’s a multi-faceted process and rarely is it linear. You’ve probably seen the illustration that shows the path to success. The expectation being linear where the reality is a mess of squiggled lines before finally arriving at the solution. The expectation in product design is often similar. However, very rarely is an idea formed where it goes right to production and on to success. The path to product success looks more like this:

The Great Monitor Debacle of 2016

It was a scene right off of a World War II-era brick wall. Two eyes and a nose peeking over a scribed line. In my head was a tag scribbled above declaring "KILROY WAS HERE" in bold, miss-aligned letters.

I'm referring, of course, to the graffiti icon made popular in the first half of the century. The one that we inadvertently reenacted this past Tuesday…

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