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Is ERP - PDM Integration on your wish list?

The holiday season is a time to check things off your wish list. Whether you have been naughty or nice, crossing things off that list can be therapeutic. But what about your desire to no longer manually enter Bills of Material (BOM) into your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. That is a big wish for many organizations. Engineering has designed products in SOLIDWORKS and created a nice, neatly formatted, and complete BOM on a drawing, yet we still have to manually re-enter that data into our business process system. Let’s take a look at how we can make this sharing of data possible with PDM Professional and our partners.

Approaching a solution that will fit your organization requires us to layout and discuss all the possibilities available to make a connection to your ERP system, starting from an out-of-the-box answer, up to custom development. Here are 3 approaches to handling this connection.

NEW Flexible Licensing with SOLIDWORKS 2017

I make many visits to customers and run across a common theme. Their SOLIDWORKS Licensing requirement needs are constantly changing. SOLIDWORKS Engineering teams and startups have one thing in common: they both need to be able to add capabilities and licenses of SOLIDWORKS without long term commitments.  Hopefully the information in this blog will address that need.

SOLIDWORKS PCB Live Supplier Links, It’s the BOM

Whether you’re looking to prototype a PCB or finalizing the BOM on a production board, the finalization process of verifying that the components used in your design are both available and affordable from your suppliers can be a tedious and potentially error-prone task. You stare at the stack of catalogs from your suppliers in order to research the correct specifications, availability, and pricing, just in order to complete your Bill of Materials. One last call to your trusted component supplier and you find out they do not have enough to support your build, and you head back to your catalog pile. When project deadlines cannot wait, you frantically find an alternate component from an alternate supplier.

SOLIDWORKS PCB Live Supplier Links will allow you to concurrently design and spec out component pricing and availability, giving you a complete BOM with components that are priced correctly and available to purchase.

So let’s take a look!  While in a project, place a symbol, then right click and select Supplier Links…

New to 3DEXPERIENCE: Xdesign and Xdrive


Dassault Systemes 3DEXPERIENCE Platform has enabled a new world of applications that will allow you to stay connected with others during the design process. SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer and SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer have new innovations that align the way you work with CAD. Their instinctive environments will ensure that it is not only easy to learn, but fun.

We are eagerly anticipating the release of two more products in the 3D Experience product line: Xdesign and Xdrive. SOLIDWORKS Xdesign is a browser-based, platform-independent application that includes modeling, design guidance, model based definition (MDB), and collaboration. Xdrive is the first component of Xdesign’s file management system. Xdrive is like Google Drive for CAD.

Why Can't I Just Rename the File?

Renaming Files in the Feature Manager in a PDM Environment.

It happens all the time, during the development process we name files based upon their function like bracket, plate or handle. Then as the design progresses closer to manufacturing release, you often want to rename the files to a corporate part number. That process is cumbersome without PDM. In 2016, we have new options to perform this task inside of SOLIDWORKS if you are using PDM. Let’s take a look!

We will start by talking about what options must be set in both SOLIDWORKS and PDM to allow this to work.

In SOLIDWORKS, navigate to Tools> Options> System Options> Feature Manager and turn on “Allow component files to be renamed from FeatureManager tree.”

In the PDM Administration tool, you will need to have permissions to “Add or rename file” for the workflow state and the folder the file resides in.

Renaming Files

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