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Converting Support to Model in Insight

Recently, I was asked if there was a magic button in Insight to convert Support to Model material without creating Custom Groups. There are certainly times were models have a lot of support and it becomes complicated to make Custom Groups.  While it may not be magic, this is a short cut I’d like to share to help save time and materials.

For this example, I went into the Insight training folder, selected the L-bracket, and deliberately oriented it upside down to get the most Support. The model was set to Sparse fill and Support style was set to SMART (Saves material and reduces time).

Custom Groups to Improve Function for Ball Bearings

There comes a time when your Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM) project involves specific functionality, in addition to static end use parts. One function may involve the use of ball bearings captured in FDM parts.

Traditionally, ball bearings sound and feel smooth, and when that sound or feel are missing, we perceive the part is damaged. When ball bearings are used on FDM or DDM parts, the raster produced from printing will give a rough finish and the perception the assembly is damaged. 

The real challenge is to make an assembly housing of ball bearings in FDM sound and feel as smooth as though they were machined, and to accomplish this without secondary finish operations.

Making Clean Station Baskets

 I have been asked several times if Stratasys sells extra cleaning baskets.

While I am sure there is a way to order more, I always suggest printing one instead. The cleaning baskets supplied with Stratasys SRS Clean Stations are durable and stainless steel, but they are a standard 4" x 4" x 4" size.

Here is a great opportunity to build the size you want (need) and try some SOLIDWORKS features you may rarely use or may not know about.

Unclosed Contours in Objet Studio

Validation is an important step for processing models in Objet Studio. The routine does two things: the software checks if any models are overlapping on the build tray and checks the model for build integrity. A general rule of thumb is not to print if the model does not pass validation.

One common error polyjet users run into when processing a model in Objet Studio is an “Unclosed Contours are Detected” error. The model will turn orange to indicate a build integrity issue and the pop-up will appear, as shown below.

New PolyJet Materials: Vero Cyan and Vero Pure White

For end users of Connex 1/2/3 and J750, Stratasys has released two new material colors: Vero Cyan and Vero Pure White.

The new Vero Cyan is a major improvement. Below on the left we see the material is much brighter and bluer compared to its predecessor on the right. This change will impact other colors too, such as purple, making them more vibrant.

Vero Cyan

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