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Advancing Innovative Medical Devices with SOLIDWORKS Solutions

The history of AngioDynamics® is best characterized by innovation and growth. Originally founded in Queensbury, N.Y., U.S., in 1988, AngioDynamics has grown into a NASDAQ-listed public company with a global reach.

AngioDynamics’ mission is to provide benefits to patients by being the leader in design, development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative, proprietary, therapeutic devices used by interventionalists and surgeons for the minimally invasive treatment of peripheral vascular disease, tumor therapy and other, non-vascular disease.

CADimensions and AngioDynamics began their working relationship in 2001 with a couple of licenses of SOLIDWORKS, but has grown to 67 licenses from the SOLIDWORKS suite of solutions.

Why Switching To SOLIDWORKS Makes Sense

In 1983, Applied Robotics incorporated in Troy, NY, with a focus on the integration and design of robotic automation equipment. The company’s first product, a specialty gripper, is designed using a T-square on a dining room table.  Approximately 34 years later, Applied Robotics is a leading global provider of specialized end-of-arm tooling and connectivity solutions for the automation and robotics industries.

Until 2008, Applied Robotics used Solid Edge Mechanical Design and E3 Electrical Design packages to develop, manufacture, and assemble the mechanical and electrical design aspects of its robotic automation solutions.  According to Stefan Casey, VP of Engineering, difficulties related to using the electrical schematic application and recruiting engineers who were trained in the mechanical package prompted the company to re-evaluate its 3D design solution.

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