Yay! You just purchased a new SOLIDWORKS product, like SOLIDWORKS Inspection, and now you need to modify your current installation and install!  How many of us get so excited for something new, only to find that it is a pain to install?  Well, that is not the case here my friends!  In Part 1 of this blog, let’s walk through these easy modification steps to add a new serial number to a standalone installation.

To modify your installation, we are going to need to open the Control Panel.  To do this, go to the Start Menu, then start typing “Control Panel”.  You should see this in the list to select.

Now depending on how your settings are shown you will either want to select Programs and Features (small icons), or Uninstall a program (category).  Don’t worry!  We won’t be uninstalling anything.

This will open up a list of all the programs and features installed on your computer.

You will want to find your version of SOLIDWORKS in this list (SOLIDWORKS 20XX SPX), single left-click to highlight the program, and select the Change button.

This will open the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager.  You want to choose, “Modify the individual installation (on this computer),” and then click Next.

Here you select the check box for your new product, enter the serial number, and then click Next until you get to the Product Selection page.

Make sure that on the Product Selection page, you check the box next to the product for which you have just added the serial number.  If you don’t see your product, you might have to click “Select different packages or products”.  Choose the checkbox, “Also show products that are not part of this package,” (some products like MBD there will not be a checkbox).  Then click Next to move to the Summary page.

Make sure that your product is listed under, “Products to Add,” and that you accept the terms of SOLIDWORKS End User License Agreement.  Then click Modify Now!

Once the software has finished installing the fun part begins… testing it out!  Check back in soon for part 2 where we modify a network installation.

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