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A Detailed Look at the SOLIDWORKS RX Tool

I heard the analogy once that owning SOLIDWORKS is just like owning a car. You can’t just drive it off the lot and expect it to run flawlessly forever, you have to conduct regular maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations.  It’s the perfect comparison. Just like a car, SOLIDWORKS requires an oil change once in a while. That’s where the SOLIDWORKS RX tool comes in. It’s a one-stop-shop for all things SOLIDWORKS maintenance… I like to think of it as my favorite mechanic.


New Endur Simulated Polypropylene 3D Printing Material

As your local source for 3D Printing products, we are excited to announce another new and exciting material has been added to our 3D printing material portfolio...  Endur.

Endur is a polypropylene-like material that is tough and has a high impact resistance.  It has a heat-deflection temperature up to 129°F/ 54°C, excellent dimensional stability and comes in a bright white color.  On top of all of that, it has an excellent surface finish that will give you great looking parts.

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