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The NVIDIA GRID Visual Computing Appliance (VCA) is the only platform certified and supported by Dassault Systems to virtualize and remotely deliver SOLIDWORKS over the network. VCA is a powerful GPU-based appliance that can be centrally located and accessed via the company network. GPU acceleration gives users working locally or remotely, including notebooks or mobile devices, the same SOLIDWORKS experience they would get from a dedicated high performance desk-side workstation. It's a powerful tool for small and medium-size businesses looking to provide their workforce with workstation-class performance anywhere, anytime - without the IT complexity of commercial virtualization solutions.

Advantages of NVIDIA GRID VCA for SolidWorks include:

  • Each installation supports up to 8 SOLIDWORKS designers concurrently
  • Each designer has a powerful graphics workspace powered by a Quadro K5000-class GPU
  • Capable of managing all SOLIDWORKS design modes, including large assemblies, RealView and more
  • The only remote computing platform to be tested, certified and fully supported by SOLIDWORKS
  • Valuable SOLIDWORKS data files and the GRID VCA are both co-located in a secure central location

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