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Power Surfacing

Bringing the power of organic SubD modeling to SOLIDWORKS

Power Surfacing is a revolutionary SOLIDWORKS plugin product that will fundamentally change the way that engineers and designers design parts in SOLIDWORKS. Power Surfacing makes it easy and fun to design complex free form aesthetically pleasing Class A surfaces in SOLIDWORKS. No longer will you have to fight with patching a set of trimmed surfaces together to form complex curved shapes. Manipulating Power Surfacing parts is as simple as modeling with clay.

With the release of Version 2.0, they have added parametric dimension driven capabilities to the Power Surfacing freeform objects. You will be able to build your Power Surfacing models directly from existing SOLIDWORKS geometry.

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About nPower Software - nPower Software empowers 3D artists, designers, engineers by connecting customers with advanced technology tools. nPower Software builds unique solutions based on proprietary geometric modeling technology. nPower Power plugin tools facilitate creativity, simplify design processes, improve ease of use, and reduce design time. nPower Software is committed to improving customer productivity and creativity.

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