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Critical Alert - Windows update KB 3072630 leading to Installation Issues

Written byJim Holtz

Before installing or modifying your SOLIDWORKS installation, please take a moment to read through this blog post, or the full SOLIDWORKS document...


Cam Design Made Easy with SOLIDWORKS Motion

Written byFranco Rotoli

If you are reading this post, then you have some sort of interest in designing cams. For the purposes of this blog post, a cam is a not-quite cyl...


SOLIDWORKS Electrical Archive Environment

Written byAshley Cheney

SOLIDWORKS Electrical comes with an easy to use tool which allows users to back up their entire SOLIDWORKS Electrical database known as Archive E...


Learn What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2016 at a Launch Event

Written byJenn Precopio

Explore SOLIDWORKS 2016 at a Launch Event this October SOLIDWORKS 2016 is coming soon and we're excited to present the latest 3D design software...


Taking the Guesswork Out of Assembly Contacts

Written byFranco Rotoli

After meshing and constraints, the next most important parameter in your Simulation is Contact Definition. Contacts are how your components inter...


Getting Familiar with the Mold Tools

Written byDerek Welker

When creating a mold within SOLIDWORKS, there are a few tools that you absolutely need to know. As you can see in the Mold Tools dialog, most of...


Bringing High School Physics to Life

Written byFranco Rotoli

Ever wonder how to get a group of High School students interested in sound and wave energy? The answer is cool, safe experiments that hurt your e...


Fayetteville Free Library adds Stratasys Soluble Support Technology

Written byTerry Carguello

The Fayetteville Free Library's Fabulous Laboratory, or FFL Fab Lab for short, is a room in the local library where resources are available for...


The 3D Model View in Drawings

Written bySam Oster

While brushing up on my skills in the SOLIDWORKS Drawings training course, the instructor, Dave Murray, gave me a great bit of new knowledge. He...

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