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Add Vault Path to Windows Explorer Favorites

Written byBryan Stevens

Problem: As an EPDM vault grows, it can become increasingly tedious to navigate to commonly used locations. Locations that can be accessed so fre...


Stratasys to Host Pittsburgh Roadshow

Written byJenn Precopio

Our partners at Stratasys are hosting a roadshow event in Pittsburgh on Wednesday, August 12th from 9:00AM - 12:00PM showcasing their PolyJet and...


How to Keep Your Decals Attached to the Model

Written byJim Holtz

Picture this, you spend time getting your part to look as realistic as possible by adding some decals. When you're finished, you sit back and thi...


Objet1000 Plus, Massive Scale with Microscopic Precision

Written byPeter Montgomery

The Objet1000 Plus marks the latest and largest addition to the Stratasys PolyJet product line. Distinguishing itself in not only size, but also...


Configuring Models at Riverhawk Company

Written byTom DiLaura

One of my favorite parts of this job is hearing a success story from our customers. A couple weeks ago I heard from Josh Suppa, a draftsman at R...


The Pendulum Wave

Written byJohn Trout

Have you ever wondered what it would look like to align 15 small pendulums with sequentially decreasing lengths and then release them all from th...


3D Printed FDM Soluble Cores

Written byJeff Lewis

There's a new and exciting additive manufacturing application that's become popular in the automotive and aerospace industries, using FDM soluble...


Creating Part Templates with More Than Just Settings

Written byJim Holtz

Have you ever found yourself creating lots of similar parts? Do most of your designs begin with one base feature or features that you find yourse...


Save Hours of Time with Smart Fasteners

Written byFranco Rotoli

I took one of my favorite types of support calls the other day. I was able to show a customer how to save over 3 hours of time during his design....

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