Desktop Metal

Metal 3D printing for modern manufacturing 

Tool Changes Mean a Stop in Production​

Changeovers = Work Stoppage

What’s the cost to setup your machines for a new production run? Why burden yourself with that cost with every sample part you have to make? 

Max Capacity Production Machines

If you’re like most manufacturers, your machines are booked for weeks in advance and running at 90% capacity. Extra tooling or even sample parts often take a back seat to a sale.

Losing Bids Because of Samples

Are you losing bids because your process takes so long to changeover that it’s not profitable to produce short run parts? You’re not alone!

Never Have to Pause Production to Make Sample Parts Again

Desktop Metal Prototype

Metal 3D Printed Sample Parts

Turn around customer sample parts in a matter of days without changing over your existing equipment. Use a metal 3D printer to offsett this massive headache!

Desktop Metal Fixtures

Create Tools, Jigs, and Fixtures

Let your production machines produce! Use a Desktop Metal 3D printer to print tooling and manufacturing aids that are always in demand and never a priority!

Keep the Production Line Running with Desktop Metal

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