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Utilizing Stratasys’ H350 3D Printer, DyeMansions’ print-to-product workflow combines industry-leading hardware with the broadest color palette available. Their solutions are Industry 4.0-ready and can be seamlessly incorporated into a variety of production processes

Powershot C

Powershot DUAL Performance

Powershot S

Powerfuse S​


DyeMansion Workflow

Semi-gloss, scratch resistant, soft haptics aesthetics finish for hard plastics such as PA11 or PA12 and applications like eyeware and prosthetics.
Sealed, washable, injection-molding like functional finish for both flexible nad hard plastics such as PA11, PA12 or TPU and applications like pipes or insoles.




Powershot C

The Powershot C is the industry standard for easy and effective part cleaning.

Boost Production Capacity

The Powershot C makes quick work of mid sized builds, cleaning them in about 10 minutes or less using DyeMansion's proprietary PolyShot Cleaning (PSC) process. The number of people and time spent on cleaning parts can be significantly reduced.

The fully automated part cleaner can replace the work of up to 4 manual blasting systems. The PolyShot C is compatible with Stratasys as well as all the other common powder-bed technologies

Precise Blasting Nozzels

The blasting cabinet's stainless steel rotary basket, variety of blasting nozzles, as well as an ionization device assures consistent results. Combine this with a soft, removable lining that protects the pieces from damage during the procedure.

Two blasting nozzles are positioned perpendicular to the revolving basket and the contained pieces at the same time. The cyclone is constantly cleaning the blasting media. This design ensures that the powder is removed efficiently.

Increased Process Control

The touchscreen and integrated control panel takes post-processing control to a whole new level. The Powershot C has an easy-to-use interface that allows for pre-run program prompts. Custom programs can be easily built and saved, allowing for fast application adaptations.

Everything can be quickly accessed and operated safely all from within the user-friendly design. The Powershot C continuous monitoring to ensure that the process is efficient and repeatable.

Powershot DUAL Performance

Next-generation blasting systems, designed specifically for the factory of the future and high-volume manufacturing using additive manufacturing.

Remote Access

Decrease maintenance and troubleshooting times with increased system availability and uptime all on a secure and certified VPN connection.

Digital Shop Floor Integration

Industry 4.0 integrated shopfloor connectivity between ERP and MES with guaranteed traceability and OPC-UA standardized communication protocols.

Monitoring & Analysis

Closely track and optimize the performance and processes with standardized IIoT communication protocols like MQTT.

Powershot S

The Powershot S is the industry leader in blasting systems and high-quality 3D printed part finishing. 

Superior Productivity & Finishing

DyeMansion's PolyShot Surfacing (PSS) is non-abrasive and works flawlessly with hard plastics like PA12 and PA11 in any geometry. The special blast media specially designed for non-abrasive surface homogenization and leveling surfaces the peaks and lows of the part. This drastically improves the accuracy and quality of the finished part. The Powershot S does this cost-effectively with short 10-minute cycle durations and a mid-sized capacity that can handle most jobs.

Industry Standard For Haptics & Color Prep

PolyShot Surfacing is the most important factor when prepping 3D printed parts for coloring. The Powershot S produces a perfect semi-gloss appearance with excellent haptics. This process does more than finish parts, it is also a necessary step in preparation for DeepDye Coloring.

Numerous industries have utilized this process since 2016 becoming the new industry standard for scratch resistance and homogenous surfaces.

User-Centric Design

Process control takes on a whole new meaning with a touchscreen and integrated control panel. The Powershot S has a user-friendly interface with pre-installed programs that can be easily customized to fit specific needs.

Everything can be quickly accessed and operated safely in a process that is efficient and repeatable thanks to DyeMansion's user-centric designs and IIoT integrations.

Powerfuse S

The newly developed VaporFuse Surfacing (VFS) polishing system creates sealed, washable surfaces that challenge injection molding parts.

Throw Out The Chemical PPE

The VaporFuse Eco Fluid Solvent is a non-CMR and is allowed by the FDA for the processing of plastics with food contact. The solvent is circulated in a closed-loop and collected automatically by the Powerfuse system. This allows for a long-term, chemical-free, contact-free process eliminating the need for chemical-hazard protective equipment.

Strengthens Parts

VaporFuse Surfacing (VFS) creates injection molding-like surfaces on sealed and washable items. Surface roughness is kept to a minimum. While under vacuum, the entire process chamber is filled with vapor. This ensures that complicated geometries and interior surfaces are processed consistently. VFS works with all common plastics, but especially flexible polymers like TPU, for which mechanical methods are ineffective.

Industry 4.0 Compatible

The Powerfuse is ready for Industry 4.0. The system has fully automatic loading, OPC-UA server communication, and batch tracking capabilities. Remote access ensures efficient servicing. All common resources have validated and carefully built programs that are ready to use. Furthermore, all process parameters can be customized for different materials. This allows for greater flexibility and easy connection with existing manufacturing processes like the DyeMansion Print-to-Product workflow.


The Leading Coloring Solution For Industrial Additive Manufacturing

Discover the world’s largest color database for 3D-printed parts and highly reproducible dyeing solutions. DyeMansion technology enables practically limitless colorized 3D printed raw parts that are ready for market.

Limitless Color Choice

DyeMansion's groundbreaking DeepDye Coloring (DDC) technology provides a limitless range of color options. DM60 users gain access to the world's largest color database with over 170 RAL and standardized colors with no additional development or waiting times. Users also gain access to color matching services which creates unique tones from corporate colors, seasonal trends, to specific skin tones.

Unmatched Repeatability

Dyeing 3D printed plastics used to be a labor-intensive process that was hard to replicate with any consistency. DyeMansion changed all that with their global supply of precise color formulations that produce the same exact color every cycle.

Each color cartridge is fabricated with an RFID chip that sends all quality management processes and parameters to the DM60 automatically. This allows for a simpler industrial process with enhanced quality standards and repeatability.

ISO Certified Colors

Biocompatible eyewear, medical orthoses, and light and heat resistant automotive interior industries can benefit from DyeMansion's ISO-certified colors. The expanded X Colors line is the answer to industry-specific needs with custom solutions for every need.

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