Stereolithography Technology

Stereolithography is the original 3D printing process and is still widely used today for its accuracy and speed.

Stratasys V650 Flex

Upgrade to the Stratasys V650 Flex 3D Stereolithography printer and you can add game-changing speed, accuracy and reliability advancements to Stereolithography’s proven capabilities.

Create smooth-surfaced prototypes, master patterns, large concept models and investment casting patterns more quickly and more precisely than ever.

The Stratasys V650 Flex produces results unfailingly, time after time, as a result of over four years of testing. More than 75,000 hours collective run time have gone into the V650 Flex, more than 150,000 parts produced in its refinement.


The highly configurable V650 Flex allows you to pick resins, build types, laser power and change the beam width. Open-source material functionality allows you to use DSM Somos resins or any resin of 355 nm that you choose. Such versatility helps you to customize the V650 Flex to your specific needs for printing stereolithography, a world first.


The V650 Flex’s 0.004 inch (100 microns) minimum layer thickness and 0.0005 inch (12.7 microns) X-Y resolution yield parts with exceptionally smooth surfaces and precise details. The ability to produce thin walls and fine features with dimensional accuracy produces superior investment casting patterns.


The V650 supplies over five cubic feet (0.14 square meter) of build capacity within a space-efficient 77 square feet (7.2 square meters) operational footprint. Plus, the V650 process offers the highest material efficiency with the lowest material usage. Smart power controls provide uninterrupted print capability during brief power outages. Save time on material changes with interchangeable vats.