The All-New F120 by Stratasys.

Industrial-grade 3D printing at an affordable price.

Increase Iterations, Save Time

Don’t limit the number of prototypes because of the cost and time investments. FDM printing on the Stratasys F120 is a fast and entry-level solution that allows designers the ability to prototype overnight. 

Stop Missing Product Launch Dates

Delays in production development translate to delays bringing your product to market. By creating more prototypes faster, and in-house, you can accelerate your product development cycle exponentially.

Reliable, Repeatable Results

Print up to 250 hours totally uninterrupted with the Stratasys F120 3D Printer. 1,000 hours of independent testing proves the durability and reliability of the F120 cannot be beaten. 

stratasys f120 Speed Icon cadimensions


The F120 prints at speeds 3x faster than the nearest desktop competition. 

stratasys F120 high accuracy icon cadimensions


Parts are produced within an accuracy of +/- .200 mm. Intelligent toolpath processing creates parts that match your CAD data.


The F120 is built with a robust all-metal frame, and carefully controlled heated build chamber. It’s built upon 30 years of Stratasys 3D printing technology to work around the clock.


With a base price under $12,000, the F120 makes high-quality printing incredibly affordable. 


Q: What kind of material can I use?

A: ABS M-30, ASA, SR-30 Support Material

Q: How many material bays will it come with?

A: 2 total (external). 1 model and 1 support.

Q: What software will I use to run the F120?

A: GrabCAD Print

Q: How do I remove the support material?

A: Soluble or remove by hand.

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