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CADimensions 3D Scanning Services​

Manufacturing Uses​

Are consistent quality issues causing headaches in production? Utilize CADimensions scanning services to get a more in-depth view into the shape of the part to identify the problem. Uncover the root of problems before they cost you any more money by having a scanner provide a more detailed look at your part.​

Reverse Engineering

Are there parts that you don't have a CAD file for? If you're trying to re-create a product by hand, the process can be tedious and painfully slow. 3D scanning is ideal for reverse engineering because light scanning is accurate, and the turnaround time to generate a file is very fast.

Quality Control

Are parts with complex or detailed shapes slowing down your inspection process? 3D scanning allows you to accurately capture all critical points of your product without cumbersome gauges or calipers. It's fast, easy and detailed.

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We can provide local services for 3D printing, 3D Scanning, Design Validation, and Product Development in Buffalo, Rochester, Albany, Syracuse, New York City, Long Island, Pittsburgh, Connecticut, and Philadelphia. 

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