CADimensions partnered with SMARTTECH 3D Scanners because they’re an industry leading company, driving innovation and pushing the technological boundaries to make this technology more accurate with better resolution.

So often our customers would give us feedback relative to the need to scan, that’s why this partnership is so important to us, because it’s important to you.


The 24 MPix scanner MICRON3D COLOR is equipped with the highest-resolution scanner on the market. The combination of a very high measuring density (up to 1000 pt / mm2) with a 24-bit color reproduction enables the smallest information to be recorded on the surface such as microcracks or tool marks. High resolution and accuracy allow data to be obtained on very complex structures such as ceramic decorations, clothing, oil paintings. It also enables fast scanning of shiny and dark objects, while the combination with a shadowless lighting system gives the possibility of obtaining the real color of the measured object of high quality.


MICRON3D COLOR 10MPix is a high-resolution, high-sensitivity, ultra-precise 3D scanner certified to German VDI / VDE specifications. This makes accurate information about any object’s shape and color with a geometric precision of 0.015 mm. The MICRON3D COLOR 10MPix scanner’s color cloud has a resolution of up to 400 points / mm2 representing X, Y, Z and RGB color data at each point.

MICRON3D Green Stereo

The MICRON3D green stereo uses 520 nm wavelengths of green LED light that, together with the filter used, reduces the effect on measurements of lighting changes. This allows it to capture up to 30% better results when compared to 3D scanners using white light measurement. Additionally, SMARTTECH3D’s scanner incorporates two monochrome detectors that allow the structure surface to be reproduced much more accurately. The use of LED lighting guarantees maximum life expectancy and trouble-free activity for years.


SMARTTECH3D UNIVERSE is a mobile 3D scanner that combines high-precision geometric measurements with the ability for practical color scanning needed for object digitization.

Scan3D Universe is a 3D scanner dedicated to users who travel frequently to perform measurements in different locations. The scanning head weighs less than 9 kg and includes a robust flight case which fits in an airline overhead compartment. Structured white light enables accurate measurement of both geometry and color of scanned object.

SMARTTECH3D Universe Lite

It is complete solution for hardware and software that allows you to create 3D models in black and white in very short time. SMARTTECH3D UNIVERSE LITE is a “plug & scan” scanner which means that it does not require any calibration and can be used immediately after connection. The kit also includes a manual rotary table that allows the automation of the measuring process.

 SMARTTECH3D UNIVERSE LITE is a professional and factory calibrated metrology tool, certified by the manufacturer according to the German VDI / VDE 2634 standard, and its measurement accuracy can be additionally confirmed by the certificate of an independent accredited metrology laboratory


SMARTTECH scan3Dmed offers a very fast and accurate method of capturing body parts, a cloud of points that presents not only a shape but also the true color of scanned object, an intuitive and rapid possibility to calculate surfaces of human defects, and the possibility to integrate up to 5 3Dscanning units to generate complex model of the virtual patient. 


SMARTTECH 3D Robotized connects dedicated robot and scanning head It is a fully automated solution for non-contact digitizing and quality control of small and medium-sized objects. The device uses the latest technology of optical non-contact 3D scanning and advanced industrial robot for fully automated 3D measurement, allowing for intuitive programming plans for measuring objects with different shapes and sizes.

SMARTTECH 3D Robotized