3D Scanning for Inspection

3D Scanning for Inspection

Your business is ready to start inspecting with a 3D scanner​

If you're inspecting parts by hand that require tight tolerances you've got to see what a metrology-grade scanner can do to your process.

If you're using CMM to scan and you're facing a backlog or held up deliveries, 3D scanning can speed things up drastically and cover geometry that CMMs simply can't.

What does optical quality inspection do?

  • Created to work on a production line

  • Assures high accuracy and volume 

  • Fully customized to your needs

  • Metrologically certified

  • Fully automated

What's The Problem?

What's The Problem?

According to an IMQS study, 75% of manufacturing facilities reported scrap rates greater than 2%

70% of manufacturers say that additional business from existing customers is the top factor driving sales growth



Improve Quality Control

  • 3D scanners are capable of measuring highly complex geometries with extreme levels of precision.
  • Scanning ensures accurate and repeatable measurements across all types of geometries.
  • Scanning systems also remove the human error from the process and ensure customers of product quality.
Automation and Time Saving ​ CADimensions SMARTTECH3D Scanners

Automation & Time Saving

  • Part profiles can be created for both the scanning and measurement of parts allowing operators to simply hit go and in a few minutes have a fully complete inspection report automatically generated on the computer.
  • This frees up time for quality personnel to focus on addressing problems before they reach quality control.
Customization CADimensions SMARTTECH3D Scanners


  • Every SMARTTECH3D scanner is customized to the needs of each customer. This ensures that every scanner is optimized to the necessary requirements and guarantees it will operate as intended.
Customer Satisfaction CADimensions SMARTTECH3D Scanners

Customer Satisfaction

  • 3D scanning is an impartial measurement system that is certified by independent labs for machine accuracy. You can have absolute confidence that the parts you receive match expected tolerance 100% of the time.

SMARTTECH3D PRODUCTS FOR 3D Scanning for Inspection

MICRON3D color 10MPix SMARTTECH CADimensions

MICRON3D color 10MPix

An extremely precise high resolution scanner obtains information about an object with a geometric accuracy of 0.015mm. 

MICRON3D color 24MPix

The combination of a very high measurement density  with a 24-bit color reproduction makes this the highest resolution scanner on the market today.



Designed for mobility, this is ideal for working towards a 3D printed finished product. It’s a complete software and hardware solution.

SMARTTECH3D Measure CADimensions


An entry level version of the SMARTTECH 3D Universe, the Lite option gives black and white object data with a “plug & play” functionality.