2018 – SOLIDWORKS World – Los Angeles

  • Elite 190 Subscription Club Award
  • SOLIDWORKS Subscription Diamond Club
  • # 2 Digital Media Creator for North America
  • Best Customer Acquisition Video Worldwide
  • SOLIDWORKS Educational Sales ‘Bachelors Club’

2018 – Stratasys International Conference – Miami

  • # 2 in North America for Material Business Growth

2017 – SOLIDWORKS World – Los Angeles

  • SOLIDWORKS Educational Sales ‘Bachelors Club’
  • Digital Media Awards
  • Elite 190 Subscription Club Award
  • Overall Content Creator North America
  • SOLIDWORKS Presidents Club

2017 – Stratasys International Conference – New Orleans

  • Stratasys Top Hardware Growth

2016 – SOLIDWORKS World – Dallas

  • # 1 SOLIDWORKS Reseller Customer Satisfaction – 2 Years in a Row
  • Top Reseller in North America for SOLIDWORKS Subscription Services
  • Elite 190 Subscription Club Award
  • 150 Club Sales Award (2 recipients)
  • MACNY Milestone Award – 25 Years in Business

2016 – Stratasys International Conference – Park City

  • Stratasys Gold Commercial Partner

2015 – SOLIDWORKS World – Phoenix

  • # 1 SOLIDWORKS Reseller Customer Satisfaction
  • SOLIDWORKS 100% Club
  • Elite 190 Subscription Club Award
  • 200 Club Sales Award
  • Diamond Club Sales Award
  • Bachelors Club Educational Sales Award

2015 – Stratasys International Conference – San Antonio

  • Stratasys Presidents Club
  • Stratasys Quota Overachievement Award
  • Stratasys Gold Commercial Partner

2014 – SOLIDWORKS World – San Diego

  • SOLIDWORKS 100% Club
  • 90/90 SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service Award
  • 150 Club Sales Award

2014 – Stratasys International Conference – Lake Tahoe

  • Stratasys Quota Overachievement Award

2013 – SOLIDWORKS World – Orlando

  • SOLIDWORKS Presidents Club
  • SOLIDWORKS 100% Club
  • 90/90 SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service Award
  • 150 Club Sales Award

“There was great coverage. The course helped me to realize my bad habits and introduced many features that will allow for me to be a more efficient and effective designer.” –Jin X., Rochester

“This class has expanded my SW skills and confidence tenfold. I would call myself a novice user, having spent the last 10 years using a competing software. I had limited experience creating usable parts and mating in assemblies. After today, I’m sure that Solidworks will be my preferred design software for designing, prototyping, and developing shop drawings.” –Todd S., Albany

“I enjoy having CADimensions as a resource and partner. Their customer service is the best in the business.” –Stephanie S., Rochester

“I was blown away by the amount of material that we were able to cover in the essentials class. I was able to get all the skills I needed to effectively and efficiently use solidworks operations. The skills that I learned here will save me countless hours of work. Thank you.” –Neil B., Syracuse

“The SolidWorks training materials, instruction, and exercises were top notch. I felt challenged and rewarded with every passing session. There’s plenty of material to still go back and hone skills that I learned, as well. I would highly recommend CADimensions’ training to anyone.” –Joel B., Syracuse

“SolidWorks Essentials is a great way to be introduced to solidworks 2d/3d modeling. A terrific bang for your buck. Will use in the workplace everyday.” –Benjamin M., Syracuse

“I really enjoy working with CADimensions. Expert advice and support, and great customer service.” –Todd M., Rochester

“The Solidworks Refresher Course was perfect for someone in my position. I’m a self-taught Solidworks user who was in desperate need of some “tuning up”. The instructor was really helpful at approaching the areas I needed improvement on and very open to any questions or discussion about the topics covered. I plan on recommending this class to people who have been using Solidworks without formal training, or who haven’t had training for a few years.” –Joe G., Albany

“The Essentials course through CADimensions was very informative and helpful. The instructor was extremely competent and knowledgeable. I will certainly be taking more training courses with this company!” –Michael A., Albany

“I would gladly recommend a SolidWorks Essential course at CADimensions to a fellow engineer. It has exposed me to the world of solid modeling and shown me how powerful a tool SolidWorks is and how interesting it can be too.” –Rohan H., Syracuse

“The class was amazing. I should have taken it a long time ago. It would have saved me hundreds of hours trying to figure out the software on my own.” –Bruce C., Buffalo

“This facility has been the best source of training, guidance and support I have ever had the pleasure of working with.” –Kyle W., Buffalo

“I came in with no tangible experience in the software, and after the week I feel very comfortable going back to work and prototyping some models for my team.” –Alex H., Buffalo

“This class was awesome & a great introduction to SolidWorks Electrical – this was exactly what we needed! I’m so excited about digging in further and learning more. Hopefully we can get the rest of our team on board and improve our entire process for designing and documenting our electrical systems.” –Annika G., Rochester

“Even after using Solidworks and other CAD software each day for years, the Solidworks refresher class was a great way to show new features and more efficient ways to perform certain operations.” –Rich M., Syracuse

“SolidWorks Electrical training was very instructive. Coming from a company that struggled with its electrical drawing capability, this training is enabling us to set forth standards for our whole company to follow.” –Tony P., Buffalo

“I’ve always had good results when contacting Tech support. It’s the primary reason we keep our subscription. On question #2, the answer should be both “Fast” and “About what I expected”, because I have come to expect fast response from you folks.” –Bob P.

“Very pleased with the support, The Tech Support Team has been very professional and has helped me a great deal in the operation and understanding of the Product.” –James F.

“The level of support I have received from Jesse (and the rest of the CaDimensions team for that matter) has been unparalleled. Solidworks and Visualize are both incredible applications and the entire team always has the knowledge and patience to help me achieve the exact outcome I’m looking for.” –Josh B.

“I’ve submitted a few case issues I have had while working on molds, every person that has assisted me with those issues has been stellar in performance and at addressing my issues. The last two times I’ve had Mindy Lentini as my support person and she has gone above and beyond at making sure I understood how she had fixed the original issue. Great job, I can’t express my thanks enough.” –Casey A.

“I have always been very happy with anyone I have had to work with through CADimensions, regardless of the branch that was suggested for quickest or best results.” –Joel S.

“Always very happy with your technical support! Not only do they help me solve my problems, but they me to completely understand so that I could solve my own problems better, always a teaching experience-above and beyond!” –James F.

“I am involved with a lot of CAD platforms daily, contacting CAD dimensions is ALWAYS the best. From the initial phone call until the problem is resolved CAD dimensions support is friendly and helpful. It is really appreciated.” –Jason A.