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Additive Manufacturing Podcast 3d Printed Electronics - Nike's "Printed" Shoe - Apples 3D Patents: CADimensions

Additive Manufacturing Podcast: 3D Printed Electronics

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Welcome to the second episode of the CADimensions Additive Manufacturing Podcast in front of our brand new Desktop Metal 3D Printer. Here’s what we talked about on the show:

Apple Patents

Our discussion starts with a couple of new patents Apple recently received involving 3d printing using triangular tessellation and 3D printing system patents using augmented reality.

-Apple Patent for Triangular Tessellation 3D Models Granted:

-Apple Wins Patent for 3D Printing System with ARKit:


Nike’s 3D printed Elite shoe preparing for a wider release. They say it gives runners a 4% speed advantage within the first 2 hours of a race. The price ranges from $600-$1,200 which is much better than Adidas’ 3D printed shoe.

3d Printed Electronics

These discuss 3d printed electronics and some discoveries in that field

-3D printed graphene scaffold offers highest-ever capacitance for a supercapacitor:

-Researchers 3D print custom-sized lithium-ion batteries:

Happy Birthday, Thingiverse!

And Finally, I’d like to briefly mention that Thingiverse turned 10 this week, and quickly highlight what Thingiverse has done for 3d printing.
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