Additive Manufacturing Podcast Episode 3

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Additive Manufacturing Podcast CADimensions Episode 3

Additive Manufacturing Podcast Episode 3

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Episode three of the CADimensions Additive Manufacturing Podcast is here! We’re talking about significant stories in the world of 3D printing from November. Companies are starting to 3D print replacement parts. The medical applications of 3D printing are expanding. People are afraid of nanoparticles, and 3D printing companies are starting to create products just for industry niches.

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Topics on the podcast

Replacement Parts – Both Mercedes and Whirlpool announced that they are 3D printing replacement parts. Will 3D Printing make just-in-time production possible for replacement parts on older models?

Medical – Stratasys printers team up with Materialise for FDA approved Mimics software. Not only did Stratasys receive Materialise certification, but FormLabs and Ultimaker did too.

Air Quality – A two-year study announced FDM 3D printers are killing people with nanoparticles in the air. Is this really a big deal?

FormNext – The German RepRap LAM printer is another example of a maker-targeted company pivoting to a niche market, as well as a new 3D printing technology using liquid vulcanization.

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