Tech Tip

How to fix the “SOLIDWORKS Document Library Manager is invalid” error when using Pack and Go

This Tech Tip will help you resolve the "SOLIDWORKS Document Library Manager is invalid" error which can occur while using Pack and Go. Follow these quick steps to re-register the .dll and resolve the error.

Fixing “Source folder not versioned properly” error during install

This Tech Tip will help you resolve the "Source folder not properly versioned" error during SOLIDWORKS installation in just a few minutes.

Windows Graphic Settings for SOLIDWORKS

How to select select the correct windows graphic settings for Solidworks to only use the discrete graphics card.

How to resolve “Invalid Block Name” error when launching SOLIDWORKS CAM

Check out this Tech Tip on resolving errors getting a license for SOLIDWORKS CAM during SOLIDWORKS startup, specifically "Invalid Block Name" errors.

SOLIDWORKS Desktop & Connected Default File Locations Reference

Providing SOLIDWORKS File Location default values for desktop and connected versions.