In the 8 months I’ve been at CADimensions, I’m really amazed by the dedication and culture of the company, management, and my coworkers. However despite my time here, I have still not figured out how to conduct an accurate thermal fluid analysis to save my life! I suppose this is because I’m not an engineer, and most of my time is spent on marketing and communications.

So in true marketer fashion, when asked what my five favorite things were about CADimensions, I couldn’t think of a better way to convey my list than as an infographic.

I hope this infographic helps illustrate our commitment for being a constant and current resource for all things SOLIDWORKS and Stratasys related. Whether you are a long time customer, new customer, or just checking us out for the first time, we hope this gives you a better understanding of what we have to offer and how a partnership with us can help you advance your company and processes. Please click through the chart and let us know if you have more additions to our chart!

As always, Happy Designing!

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