The history of AngioDynamics® is best characterized by innovation and growth. Originally founded in Queensbury, N.Y., U.S., in 1988, AngioDynamics has grown into a NASDAQ-listed public company with a global reach.

AngioDynamics’ mission is to provide benefits to patients by being the leader in design, development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative, proprietary, therapeutic devices used by interventionalists and surgeons for the minimally invasive treatment of peripheral vascular disease, tumor therapy and other, non-vascular disease.

CADimensions and AngioDynamics began their working relationship in 2001 with a couple of licenses of SOLIDWORKS, but has grown to 67 licenses from the SOLIDWORKS suite of solutions.

AngioDynamics and CADimensions began discussing SOLIDWORKS Plastics and its capabilities in September of 2015.  Although AngioDynamics had a license of MoldFlow, SOLIDWORKS users had no access to up-front testing and the functionality was limited.  That design cycle did not allow for up-front testing of molds, which required engineers to make assumptions based on experience, according to Principal Engineer, Scott Wheeler.

“Although our engineering team has extensive experience and I have trust in their ability, injection molding is an expensive process,” says Wheeler.  “Testing mold designs in MoldFlow helped get us most of the way there, but we found that its limited functionality combined with simulating at the end of our design cycle exposed us to too much risk, often leading to rework.”

SOLIDWORKS and CADimensions supplied AngioDynamics with a trial license of SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium to evaluate the added functionality and benefits of simulating warping and cooling of injection molded parts, early on in the design cycle.  Principal Engineer, Glenn Wadleigh, said the “results were significant”.

“The software paid for itself after one project,” says Wadleigh.  “With the added functionality (warping) and the ability to simulate our handle design without leaving SOLIDWORKS, I was able to make the necessary design adjustments quickly, ensuring a successful mold.”  Wadleigh continues, “If we went with the original handle design, we would have easily spent $30K fixing the handle mold and another $20K on the bushing mold.”

Dave Fogarty, representing SOLIDWORKS and CADimensions (Reseller) as a lead consultant on the project, explains that a successful implementation of software is a true “partnership” between vendor and customer.  “The team at AngioDynamics is outstanding and made our job easy by trusting in our industry knowledge and experience.” Fogarty says.  “Our job is to perform a complete assessment of any and all customer challenges, and bringing a collaborative approach to the table that enables us to have a higher degree of success.”

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