As we get closer to game day, I wanted to share the topics for this year’s breakout sessions!

We have aimed to get you guys a great variety of content this year. We know you guys like to plan ahead. So go ahead, print it out and circle the sessions you have your eye on. Mark your calendar, it’s almost here!


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1. Photo-Realistic in 5 (Beginner)

A who’s-who look at Photoview 360 tools. This session is aimed at getting you to be able to spend just a few short minutes and get a result far superior to a screenshot. From clarity to caustics, we’ll have you rendering like a pro!

2. Change is Good – Design Changes in Assemblies (Beginner – Intermediate)

Brush up on your assembly techniques! In this session, you’ll learn how to accommodate design changes as they happen. Assemble smart, not hard.

3. Looking Beyond the Surface (Intermediate)

Dive into the deep end with a look at the SOLIDWORKS surfacing tools. In this session, we’ll explore what surfaces are and how we can best use them to our advantage.

4. Get Smart (Intermediate)

Make your SOLIDWORKS parts and features as intelligent as the designer making them! This session will show you how to build more information into your models, making them react to their surroundings.

5. Simulation What’s New 2015 (Intermediate – Advanced)

Simulation, Flow and Plastics have all received heavy hitting enhancements this year! Leave with an understanding of what new capabilities our Simulation suite now offers.

6. Simulation Tips & Tricks (Intermediate – Advanced)

Get out your slide rule, it’s about to get nerdy. This session will be for those of us who actually enjoy discussing phrases like, “mesh-independent solutions” and “ideal element aspect ratios.” Sharpen your pencil and leave with as many simulation best-practices and tips as we can fit in!

7. SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2015

It’s electric! This session will focus on an overview of SOLIDWORKS Electrical’s key schematic and 3D features, as well as the new and exciting additions for 2015. Please come prepared to learn what’s possible with SOLIDWORKS Electrical, but also to discuss how this tool can enable you to perform schematic and routing tasks at work.

8. EPDM What’s New 2015 (Beginner–Advanced)

File management has never been as easy as it is with EPDM 2015. In this session, you will learn what features have been added to make your day-to-day process more seamless.

9. EPDM Web2 (Beginner–Advanced)

Access your files through the web for an “On-the-Go” PDM experience that will change the way you work.

10. SOLIDWORKS Tips & Tricks (Beginner–Advanced)

Our most popular Breakout session is back again this year! Sit with us and learn a set of hand-picked SOLIDWORKS tips!

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