Our technical staff wants to help you stay on top of the new techniques and features in SOLIDWORKS. And a majority of these sessions are web-based and provide a deep dive into different areas of the software. Enjoy a Lunch and Learn webinar with your CAD/Engineering staff learning and enhancing your SOLIDWORKS skills, as well as some partner products or 3D Printing.


Everyone has free time on lunch…right? Well, maybe not so much. Even though lunch seems to be the easiest time to get everyone together, we understand you may be too busy to attend these sessions as they happen, so we try to record these webinars as videos so you can watch when time allows. These can be found on our website under the Video Library.

Maybe you’re the power user at your organization or just yearning for more knowledge in SOLIDWORKS. These sessions can help. Many of our customers have started their own internal user group and will pick a video from the archive for each meeting. Bring in some lunch, and voila!! Everyone is happy. Currently, we are running three live Lunch and Learns a month. Two of them will be on SolidWorks and the third will be a technical dive into a complimentary program, like DriveWorks or SOLIDWORKS Inspection.

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