Cutting Design Time by Half with SOLIDWORKS Premium and PDM Castle Power Solutions and CADimensions

SOLIDWORKS Premium and PDM made it possible for Castle Power Solutions to cut their design time by half. Making the switch from 2D to 3D can seem like a daunting task to companies who still find themselves entrenched in their legacy design processes. With this in mind, I wanted to take a minute to highlight one of CADimensions new partners from 2016, Castle Power Solutions.

Castle Power Solutions specializes in the design and manufacture of current-limiting systems, harmonic filter banks, and power capacitor bands. They have started using SOLIDWORKS to help them meet their goal of providing dependable, cost-effective solutions to their customers that will lower their electric utility costs and improve their power system quality.

Castle Power Solutions had previously standardized on AutoCAD for their engineering team, and have since switched over to use SOLIDWORKS for their Mechanical Modeling. During their first year utilizing SOLIDWORKS Premium and PDM, they have been able to make many improvements to their existing design processes. “Our design time for our large enclosures has been cut in half! Also, the time to do Fabrication Drawings has been cut down from 4 weeks to 1.5 weeks,” says Steph VerKamp, a mechanical engineer who joined the team at the beginning of their SOLIDWORKS implementation. Previously when a change was needed, you had to go into each view on their drawings and change it, which could eat up all the time in a day, even for simple changes. “Now with SOLIDWORKS we change the part and it updates all the drawings that it is connected to! With PDM we are able to have better organization of project files. Now other engineers can easily reference and even use parts from old projects in new ones.”

3D design is the way of the future and the flexibility given to parametric modeling gives engineers the tools to work faster and smarter than ever before. The conversion is easier than ever with SOLIDWORKS v2017 and the amazing tools available inside!

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