It’s that time of year again. Our FAVORITE time of year. It’s like Christmas in July for SOLIDWORKS AEs. It’s BETA time! One of the philosophies that has made SOLIDWORKS the #1 CAD software in the world, has been to listen to its users. If you have ever attended or live-streamed SOLIDWORKS World, you know that on day 3, they show a preview of the next release. In this presentation, they also show the “Top Ten” user requested enhancements for that year. SOLIDWORKS consistently adds 80+% of these user requests to the release.

The BETA program allows anyone on subscription to sign up and test the release well before it is available to the general public. The program benefits everyone involved. Users get to play with all the cool new tools and test functionality, and SOLIDWORKS gets more eyes (and mice) on the software testing for bugs or regressions.

To join the BETA program, go to and click “join.”

The whole idea behind this program is to help SOLIDWORKS find issues before they make it to the main release. SOLIDWORKS rewards you by offering prizes for different categories. For 2017, the categories are: CAD Products (SOLIDWORKS, eDrawings, Visualize), Simulation products, PDM Products, Technical Communication Products (Composer, MBD, and Inspection), and Electrical Products. The more issues you find and report, the more points you get.

For more details, click here:

They are also hosting a slew of other contests. Check out the Beta site for more details.

So if you call CADimensions in the next few months, and are frustrated that a feature you are looking for is not in SOLIDWORKS, don’t be surprised if you get an answer like, “Not yet…” then get encouraged to download Beta. We are not at liberty to discuss features per the Beta User Agreement, but we can encourage you to download it and see for yourself!

Don’t forget, in addition to BETA, CADimensions also offers Roll Out events every year throughout New York revealing the new version and all of its enhancements. Stay tuned to our blog and check out our website for more details.

As always, thanks for reading and happy modeling. And happy Beta Testing!

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