We all see trash where it doesn’t belong but our very own Jim Monroe was inspired to start a program in Philadelphia to help do something about it.

To elaborate on how this idea came about, Jim says it all started when he visited the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicumwith his son’s Cub Scout troop to help clean up the trails.

This refuge is a major stopping point for migrating birds, and Jim hated to see these animals being harmed from trash and decided he would do something about it.

After filling up a whole pickup truck bed full of trash, Jim noticed there was more to do. That’s when he got an idea. At the start of the year, he pledged to clean up one hundred pounds of trash for every 3D printer he sells.

He feels this project sets a good example for his son on how to be responsible and to give back to his community.

He continued explaining, “I already do community service because my son is in the Cub Scouts and so I said why not turn this into something ongoing and something good, to where our customers can feel good about purchasing a printer from us knowing that by doing so they are going to be responsible for the cleanup of over a hundred pounds of trash.”

To date Jim has picked up over 300 pounds of trash and continues to look for more ways to give back. When asked about where this pledge is heading, Jim shared he sees it evolving into something bigger now that he is working with The Uncommon Individual Foundation. This organization does mentorship and Jim can see himself devoting a number of hours to teaching children skills in a stem-type environment for every machine he sells. He goes on to explain “Teaching kids how to operate a 3D printer and learn basic CAD at the middle school level is where you can have that big impact and change a kids dream or what they want to be when they grow up.”

This might seem like a large task for someone to take on by themselves but Jim’s advice is to “Start by looking for an issue in your area, open your eyes when you’re driving home from work or driving to an appointment and find an innovative way that you can provide a solution to it.”

CADimensions is proud to have Jim as a part of our team, and we look forward to supporting him in his future community service efforts. Thank you Jim!

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