For more than 125 years, the Caldwell Manufacturing Company (“Caldwell”) has created quality spring balances for window manufacturers around the world. Caldwell currently has six locations in the United States and three locations internationally that all work together to design and manufacture their line of spring balances.

Caldwell was faced with the challenge of slow speeds, communicating, and collaboration between their engineers across multiple locations. The process that Caldwell originally had in place was to work on designs over the network, through their server file structure. However, this created an enormous drop in production for the engineering team, due to the speed of working through a network. On top of slow speeds, the engineers were spending almost 15-20% of their time searching for parts and assemblies. These were the two factors that caused Caldwell to start the investigation process into purchasing SOLIDWORKS PDM Pro.

In 2014, Caldwell made the decision to move forward with SOLIDWORKS PDM Pro in order to increase their productivity by eliminating working across a network. As a result of implementing PDM Pro, Caldwell was able to see up to 30 times faster speeds working through a local cache. This not only allowed their engineers to work faster, it also gave the company the opportunity to take on more projects.

“To open a model over the server would take about 30 minutes compared to the 1 minute with our PDM system in place.” Alan Jakus (Senior Lead Engineer) said. “The amount of time spent searching for files was cut down significantly by using the data cards.”

With the implementation of PDM, both search-ability and network performance were improved significantly, which resulted in a return on investment within the first year.

Caldwell now relies on SOLIDWORKS PDM Pro to manage data, collaborate, control revisions, and bring files to a local cache. This software was able to help Caldwell take the next step forward and become an overall more efficient company.

“SOLIDWORKS PDM was something I wished our company implemented years ago” Alan claims.

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