I have seen many customers adopt SOLIDWORKS as their 3D modeling tool of choice, but few stir up such emotions of admiration and inspiration as Paley Studios Ltd. At the creative center of Paley Studios Ltd. is artist Albert Paley.

Paley Studios

Albert was born in Philadelphia and graduated from the Tyler School of Art with a degree in Fine Arts. Working at his studio in Rochester, New York, he has created more than 50 large-scale sculptures over the last 40 years. These public art works are located around the world with one of the most recognizable works being a 130’ archway named “Animals Always” for the St Louis Zoo.

“Animals Always” for the St Louis Zoo

Engineering and Art collide at Rochester Institute of Technology, where Albert holds an endowed chair at the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences. If you have visited the Rochester community, you will have almost certainly seen one of Albert Paley’s sculptures. There is the monumental plaza sculpture on the campus of RIT, a 65-foot sculpture commissioned by Bausch and Lomb at the entry of The Legacy Tower, and his first site-specific sculpture installed in 1982 in front of the National Museum of Play.

Albert Paley, Syncline, Town of Breckenridge, Colorado

Albert Paley’s concepts are translated into digital form and then he fabricates them in steel and other materials like copper, bronze, and brass. It all begins with an idea that Albert uses his creative genius to realize through creation of a cardboard model. The cardboard model gives the SOLIDWORKS user a visual to convert his ideas to digital 3D forms, which help resolve complex design components and easily communicate the overall aesthetic. Once in SOLIDWORKS, internal communication with the engineering and fabrication departments is streamlined and has reduced some fabrication times by over 50%.

Albert Paley and Paley Studios are then able to use the SOLIDWORKS model to create renderings and video content for presentations, as well as assembly drawings to be used throughout fabrication. With clients all over the world, communicating efficiently becomes paramount. SOLIDWORKS allows Paley Studios to more effectively communicate and shorten project timelines.

Albert Paley, Syncline, Town of Breckenridge, Colorado

Albert Paley’s portfolio consists of large monumental works standing over 70 feet in height, as well as small pedestal works like candle holders and tables. WXXI has done a presentation on his work that I encourage you to watch called Paley on Park Avenue: New York City. You can also visit www.albertpaley.com for more information on this amazing craft.

Albert Paley, Meridian Table, Designed in SOLIDWORKS

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