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Every month, for our internal newsletter here at CADimensions, we spotlight one of our employees. We also have an internal award for those that go above and beyond on a regular basis  (The CADLIFE Award). Last month, we honored Jim Holtz. We are going to try something new on our blog by sharing these spotlights with all of you. So here is the article from last month’s CADimensions Newsletter:

This month we are spotlighting the latest recipient of the CADLIFE Award, Jim Holtz. Jim’s official title is: Technical Support Coordinator. Here in Rochester, he goes by many names, but based on the first words people say to him, I’ll go with, “hey, do you have a second?”

I was able to pin him down and keep his attention for about five minutes to get a glimpse of what his CADimensions life was like. If there was ever someone who wears many hats, Jim is one of them. His main focus is coordinating support personnel and utilizing them to the fullest of their abilities. He makes sure we have enough support coverage day to day and that all of the products are covered at any given time. He has learned NetSuite [our CRM system] inside and out; running reports and statistics to analyze how we can better help our customers. He also plays a huge role in setting up and maintaining the training rooms. As if that wasn’t enough, he also helps out on any cases if the support person needs help.

When asked what the most challenging part of his job was, without hesitation, the answer was, “Being pulled in multiple directions daily.” In support, though, its not good enough just to have an answer, it has to be correct and thorough enough to satisfy the customer. Jim tries to review many cases after they are closed to check for accuracy.

So what keeps him here and engaged? Helping people. He enjoys watching people grow into their positions and become great support engineers. If you’ve ever spent any time with Jim, you know he’s a tinkerer. Nothing is more satisfying to him than “tinkering” with a problem until it is solved. That is what he gets to do on a daily basis with everything from Tech Support, to people, to scheduling. He is a problem solver, and that is what he gets to do every day.

Editor’s note: I think he just likes having an office next to mine!

Stay tuned to our blog in the future for more employee spotlights. Next time you speak with Jim, make sure you embarrass him a little, and tell him you read all about him in our blog!

Thanks for reading!

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