Just three days after the release of Stratasys’ F123 series 3D printers, GrabCAD introduced a brand new SolidWorks Add-in. This add-in supplements the digital manufacturing ecosystem ideology that Stratasys has shaped over the last few years. For CAD users, this integrated feature will accelerate your additive manufacturing process.

View tessellations and control the STL output settings.

The add-in allows you to:
•    Select a printer, material types, slice height
•    Adjust orientation on the build tray
•    Estimate print time and material usage
•    Save reports
•    Print
…without leaving SolidWorks!

View and save estimation reports.

Click here for complete instructions on how to use the add-in. There are some limitations so be sure to read the “how-to” thoroughly. Also, the add-in uses a standalone installer (you can find the installer on the same link). After you’ve run the installer, launch SolidWorks and you’ll notice a GrabCAD Print tab on the task pane where you’ll have to log in before the add-in will function.
Attention: be sure the GrabCAD Print app is installed and/or upgraded to the latest version for the installer to complete. If you have a compatible Stratasys printer and are not using GrabCAD Print yet, you can download it here.

Login to the GrabCAD cloud in the SW task pane.

Stratasys and GrabCAD teamed up years ago to simplify the traditional 3D print prep workflow. As a result, their continued innovations are changing the way engineers, designers, and makers address their digital manufacturing processes.
Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions, please let us know how we can help!

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