Multisorb Technologies with CADimensions

Multisorb Technologies is a Buffalo, New York based company with over 50 years of experience in sorbent technology. They make desiccant packets as well as the machinery to dispense them on the packaging lines, being the only company to do both. Their products deliver reliable protection against moisture, oxygen and odors for many household goods that we use daily.

With the innovation and production that happens within this business, Multisorb needs to be sure their clients and vendors are getting the best quality information and final goods. That is why they implemented a variety of SOLIDWORKS products, including Composer, SOLIDWORKS CAD Professional, SOLIDWORKS CAD Premium, and PDM Standard. 

“We were highly unsatisfied with [our previous CAD program] because we had to pay for support whenever we needed answers for even the simplest questions, and it was a very glitchy and cumbersome program to use.”

Nicole Sanmarco, Sr. Electromechanical Engineer

With their previous program, it took anywhere between two to three weeks to make an assembly drawing because it lacked many capabilities compared to SOLIDWORKS software. The design team had to create various files to make even simple assembly drawings. With SOLIDWORKS, they can design seamlessly within part and assembly files and easily create templates allowing them to work faster. This resulted in cutting the design time by 80% per project.

Multisorb is also reaping the benefits of SOLIDWORKS PDM. Their previous documentation system was unstructured and contained many inaccuracies. They used archive folders and part revisions were manually noted at the end of the drawing name. Engineers would need to physically move previous revisions into archive folders after making their edits. This would cause a loss of record as to which revisions of each part existed on a specific customer’s dispenser. If two or more people were working on the same part, the last person to hit the save button would lose any edits without being aware that another user was making changes. Now with SOLIDWORKS PDM, it is easy to search for designs and find the latest revision eliminating the possibility of two designers making changes simultaneously.

Wasting time on organizing folders and software ‘glitches’ jeopardizes your timeline to complete designs for your clients. Effective design process is crucial to appropriately utilize employee time to get the best version of the intended product. Take Multisorb Technologies’ example and cut time and money with the SOLIDWORKS suite of products.