With twenty-nine natural disasters in 2018 happening in the United States alone, causing over one billion dollars in damages per event, it is easy to see the heroes that quickly come running to help. InverSOL is one of the companies that strives to help those in need by providing better living opportunities to people affected by natural disasters. They are a subsidiary of the Rochester-based company, Council Rock, specializing in solar-powered generators in catastrophic situations. Their current focus is on Puerto Rico, where 80% of their power lines were destroyed after Hurricane Maria.

While helping those who have been hit by such unfortunate circumstances, it is imperative to avoid more chaos by dodging critical field operation failures. That is why inverSOL takes the time to make sure their generators are releasing heat appropriately to avoid any issues. To confirm their work is accurate, they use SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation software

InverSOL creates smart and portable solar generator systems for commercial and residential.
InverSOL creates smart and portable solar generator systems for commercial and residential.

Why inverSOL needed new software to design their solar generators.

Before adopting SOLIDWORKS Flow, inverSOL would essentially guess at the rate at which heat would be released. Their skilled engineers roughly knew how much heat the generators would create so they did in-house testing to get a general idea of the temperatures they were dealing with. After some calculations done by hand, Aaron Bailey, Senior Mechanical Engineer, concluded that they need the power of SOLIDWORKS Flow to be sure they have accurate and reliable results in order to provide safe solar-powered generators to their market. After considering the options, Bailey said it was a quick decision to adopt SOLIDWORKS Flow. He has had experience with this software as well as other Flow design systems and he believes the SOLIDWORKS tool is more accurate and user-friendly.

“We got some prototypes in of the Lumen, one of our generators, during production. We started some testing and saw we had some issues quickly when doing Simulation and Flow tests. This helped us nail the venting needs and make changes on the second try as opposed to do multiple iterations and tests, which saved us a lot of money and production time.”

– Aaron Bailey, Council Rock Senior Mechanical Engineer

The Lumen is inverSOL’s largest solar-powered generator and one of Bailey’s favorite projects thus far. It is among a collection of four generators created by the company, but they are working on improving their current products as well as creating a broader range of generators depending on market needs.  CADimensions is happy to partner with this company and provide engineering solutions to the team of engineers that are helping the greater good of the people.

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