In my previous post, I spoke about the relationships we make through daily interactions. This time I’d like to discuss how those interactions differentiate our offerings in comparison to other design applications. Every design solution in the market today claims to be the “best in the industry.” However, statements to support this claim are so subjective, it is difficult to determine their real value.

For example, here are just a few statements from industry leading providers of 3D modeling products:

• “________ offers professional-grade 3D mechanical design, documentation, and product simulation tools.”

• “________ applications give you all the capabilities you need in one easy-to-use, scalable, interoperable environment.”

• “________ is professional 3D CAD. Create complex parts, assemblies, and detailed drawings quickly and easily.”

These phrases could really apply to any product or provider. So between general marketing statements like these and the opinions of design engineers on social media, how can anyone make an informed decision on “what’s best” for their business?

The reality is that design applications have become a strategic piece of business operations. Not only for product/process development, but also for the value 3D models can add throughout an organization. The parametric ability of 3D design stretches beyond engineering and can impacts sales, manufacturing, marketing, and other business systems in a positive or negative way. If a decision towards 3D modeling applications is made based on a brand, a Google search, or a comment on a blog, then that business is potentially selling itself short, by not fully understanding the impact on the short and long term operations of their decision.

Shouldn’t everyone have an opportunity to engage with Subject Matter Experts, Product Specialists, and Software Support resources to really determine if a design application meets the needs of their organization? Wouldn’t that give everyone involved the confidence to make informed decisions and truly understand the value of implementing these products? Sounds simple, right? What we have found is that most people trying to make these critical decisions do not have access to this level of engagement, so they are essentially doing the best they can with the information they can access.

What CADimensions is able to offer is different in this regard. We have the ability to engage our existing and prospective customers at a local level, as well as our digital content followers at the global level, with some of the most world renowned resources in the industry. This ability enables us to fully understand our customer’s current objectives and future initiatives. As a result, the partnership that is created moves beyond “picks & clicks” or “feature/function” of the software, into an implementation discussion, and then into a plan for the future. This is the human side of CAD that turns vision into realty. This aspect is what sets CADimensions apart from others that can only make general claims on their flashy website, with no real way to prove they are the best for your business.

We strive for these successful partnerships with customers, because we are only successful if you are successful. In that regard, do not be afraid to ask us for help or insight. Ask if we have a customer that has implemented something similar, what we would recommend as a process, and if you are effectively using the software. These are the questions that get us excited about the future of our partnership and making sure we are moving in the right direction together.

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