It is no secret that the sales game is changing… knocking on doors with a briefcase full of product brochures and data sheets doesn’t yield the same return as it once did. Our world is now online, web-based, “in the cloud.” The market demands that everything be instantly accessible, high performing, while delivering the ultimate “user experience.” Every software application can claim to be all of these things, but in the end it’s the people involved that ultimately determine the success and failure of these applications. The “Human Side of CAD” is one of the most important, but probably the least talked about when it comes to selling and implementing our products.

The 3D CAD market has its share of competitors. Each offering has its pros and cons, and the “best” application will continue to be debated for eternity. The fact is that in order for any technology to be successful, it takes the commitment of the people implementing it and the people supporting the implementation plan to make it happen. Yes, I said people… not companies. It is the actual human beings on both sides coming together to prove it can work, make the plan, and put it to action. I believe this is what sets our entire approach apart from our competitors and from the “online” world around us.

Sure, offering an online store filled with pictures, videos, and a “proceed to cart” button could be a potential business model, or just making online trials available could give users the immediate gratification they seek. The problem is by choosing to conduct business this way, we choose to be like everyone else. When we question the reason why people choose our products over the competition, we can see that it comes down to more than just “button clicks” and price. You choose us because we are interested in learning about the ways you want to improve your work.  We take the time to not only listen to your requirements, but to actually prove out the solution in a way that is definitive. We leave no question whether our products and expertise can meet your needs and as a result we build trust. Trust is one of the most powerful human emotions and one which all relationships are built, without it we are just another online store or voice over the phone. Our involvement in the process as a trusted advisor not only becomes necessary, it becomes absolutely critical to the success of the entire initiative.

Design applications have become a strategic piece of business operations. As a result, our products and expertise have become increasingly valuable to our customers and perceived as an opportunity for them to significantly improve their process. If all we do is answer the phone and take credit card information, we have not only missed an opportunity to build trust… we have done a dis-service to our customer by selling you something you may not need. Taking the time to know the individuals we work with on a professional and personal level enables us to win your business and continue winning your business as needs change. Tapping into the power of relationships allows us to offer that partnership you need, which our competition has managed to forget. I have not met a customer yet that was able to watch a video, or read a blog, and proceed to make a purchase based on that information. So go ahead, have a real human connection today… it won’t hurt.

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