As a member of the sales team at CADimensions, I’m responsible for making sure I put the right products in the hands of customers. Part of ensuring that our customers are happy with their purchase, I like to follow up with them after they’ve used the software for some time. I’ve recently had a chance to speak with Sean Davies, the lead engineer from RotaDyne, in Rochester, NY, about their quality process and how they have been using SOLIDWORKS Inspection over the past year.

For some background, RotaDyne is one of the largest manufacturers of rollers, roll coverings and related products in the world. It addition to manufacturing state-of-the-art rollers, the company has specialty divisions focusing on decorative arts, precision machining and formulated and proprietary molded products. Their division in Rochester primarily focuses on molded and machined products.

RotaDyne’s Quality Assurance (QA) team reviews each and every product with rigorous standards and testing throughout each phase of production. RotaDyne’s ISO9001:2008 Certification is a standard bearer of the company’s exacting standard and quality. While meeting with the team at RotaDyne last year, CADimensions was able to make recommendations on how the quality team could improve their inspection process. Their process consisted of taking a customer’s PDF drawing, ballooning the PDF in tools like Microsoft paint, turning that over to the QA team, who would manually type the values into an Excel table. The team was averaging roughly 5 prints per week and sometimes had over 100 values they needed to document. “Our process was extremely time consuming,” Sean Davies explained.  Along with a long cycle time for their inspection process, another major area of concern was the accuracy of their prints.

In June of 2015, RotaDyne made the decision to purchase SOLIDWORKS Inspection to help streamline their quality process. Looking back on that decision, Sean stated that, “It was a no brainer. With SOLIDWORKS Inspection, not only are we able to create our inspection documents in minutes, our minds are at ease due to the tools accuracy. Our entire process is now automated and we’ve eliminated any chance of errors or inconsistencies.”

RotaDyne continues to rely on SOLIDWORKS Inspection to automate the creation of their inspection documents, which has helped them avoid errors in final reports and overall reduction in the time and effort of the QA team.

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