If you’ve ever submitted a support case with us, you’ve had the opportunity to speak to one of the amazing, talented, creative people I work with. In the subject line of your request, you probably say something like “BOM Question,” or maybe “Enterprise PDM Vault Log In,” or maybe “Simulation Results.” Your request then gets filtered to one of the Application Engineers who is certified in that particular aspect of the Software. For the “BOM Question,” one of our SOLIDWORKS Team Members would get back to you. For the “Enterprise PDM Vault Log In” issue, one of our Data Management Team Members would give you a call. You get the idea. I always wondered what magic went on behind the scenes, and more recently I began to wonder just how our teams stack up.


How many Certifications do we hold? How many people are qualified to answer your question?

I’ve put together a detailed look at our support teams who are stationed across our five offices in Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo, New York, and our newest addition in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I think the results will impress you – they certainly impressed me! 😀

certified simulation certified pdm certified enhancement

What is an Elite SOLIDWORKS Application Engineer? The Elite AE’s are the best of the best – pure and simple. The Elite Application Engineer Award is a one-time honor bestowed on those who have achieved SOLIDWORKS greatness.

They have attained Certifications in several areas:

  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Specialist in Mechanical Design (this is the support exam)
  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert (this is achieved after the Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional + four specialties like Sheet Metal, Weldments, Mold Tools, Surfacing, or Drawing Tools)
  • Certified Simulation Professional Specialist (this is the base level Simulation Support exam)
  • Certified Simulation Advanced Professional Specialist (this is the advanced Simulation Support exam)
  • Certified Flow Simulation Specialist (this is the Flow Simulation Support exam)
  • Certified Enterprise PDM Administrator
  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Composer Professional
  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Electrical Specialist (this is the Electrical Support exam)
  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Plastics Specialist (this is the Plastics Support exam)

In addition to Certifications in these areas, they have participated in the community by presenting at a SOLIDWORKS User Group meeting and have been recommended by their SOLIDWORKS Territory Technical Manager.

Here at CADimensions, we have six of these amazing individuals on staff.

Please allow me to introduce your Elite Application Engineers:

sasi jesse kevin franco lars jim

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