Stratasys just released several upgrades for their top-of-the-line J750 Polyjet 3D printer. A 3D printer can only be as functional as the parts it produces, which boils down to the quality of the material it can print in. All three updates for the J750 increase its capabilities by upgrading the materials it is able to build with.

Agilus30 – One of Polyjet technology’s biggest strengths is its multi-material printing capability, paired with its ability to print rubber-like materials with a variety of Shore values. For years, the standard PolyJet material was the Tango family, but the Connex line was exclusively able to use the more advanced Agilus30 until today, being now available on the J750. Agilus30 has superior tensile strength, tear resistance, and elongation-at-break. In other words, this is a tougher, more durable rubber-like material.

Digital ABS Plus – The J750 has been able to print in Digital ABS since its inception, but this material has been upgraded to Digital ABS Plus. Digital ABS Plus offers superior impact strength and temperature resistance compared to ordinary Digital ABS, making it ideal for companies who use the material for creating durable, high-detail prototypes. The upgraded material is ideal for applications requiring thin rigid walls, snap-fit parts, and functional prototypes.

VeroFlex – Perhaps the most exciting upgraded material is one that will be available exclusively on the J750 platform. VeroFlex is a newly-developed upgrade to the Vero family of rigid, opaque plastics that Polyjet technology has been using since it was first discovered. The Vero family of plastics is ideal for a wide variety of applications, but is too brittle for others. Typically, this problem is solved by using digital materials with a bit more flexibility like Digital ABS. However, Digital ABS because of its specific formulation is only available in its signature shade of green, not ideal for J750 users who have become used to bringing their prototypes to life with beautiful accurate colors and gradients. VeroFlex solves these challenges for J750 users by offering a rigid plastic with a bit more flexibility in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, White, Black, and Transparent varieties.

The material is targeted at the eyewear industry, where prototyping practices are severely outdated, expensive, and time intensive. Large manufacturers often work on developing around 150 designs each week, but because of their antiquated practices, can take up to 18 months to bring a design to consumers. With this advanced material, Stratasys hopes to bring their product development into the age of digital manufacturing.

In my opinion, I really appreciate companies who work to continuously improve upon their products and give increased value to their customers. This is something Stratasys does particularly well by offering new and improved 3D printing materials.

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