Last week, CADimensions had our midyear company outing in Geneva, NY. While we enjoyed a beautiful day in Wine Country, we also discussed how we were doing as a business and spoke specifically about the culture here at CADimensions. As an employee, we are consistently reminded that the vision of CADimensions is to be the number one provider of engineering and manufacturing solutions in the territories we serve. While we follow our vision daily, we never truly formalized a CADimensions culture to help us ensure that we were meeting the goals of our vision daily.


That was until last week when we were introduced to The CADLIFE!

C is for Customer, who is truly the lifeblood of our business. Every decision CADimensions makes is with the best interest of the customer in mind, because we fully understand that without our customers, there is no CADimensions.

A is for Attitude, since a positive attitude is vital to yielding positive results. Attitude is one piece of our culture that each employee can control, and it can be clearly seen that success starts with good attitude.

D is for Dedication, because CADimensions is fully dedicated to ensuring customer success and the best working environment for employees.

L is for Loyalty between CADimensions and both customers and employees. The team at CADimensions knows that loyalty is not just a word, but it’s our way of life.

I is for Integrity, because success without integrity is failure. While CADimensions strives to expand into new markets and new geography, if we go about our business without integrity, then it is all for naught.

F is for Family. While CADimensions is a family business, it extends well past last names, and includes all employees and customers. As a family, we share our values and ideas in order to help each other accomplish goals.

E is for Employee, who is the foundation of the company. The hard work and commitment of each CADimensions employee ensures that the correct solutions are provided to the customer.

While “Living a CADLIFE” may be enough as a description and motto on its own, this term is actually an acronym (since we pretty much speak only in acronyms already).

As each piece of the acronym was presented to our staff, it made me proud to have a phrase that represented what I did on a day-to-day basis.  It was a phrase that was so much more than “I answer tech support calls” or “I give software demos” or “I nurture relationships with customers.”  It characterized a culture that I’m happy to be a part of, where strong values stand for something. I do live the CADLIFE. A life where the employee is the strong foundation for the five pillars of attitude, dedication, loyalty, integrity, and family that support each and every customer.